97% Increase in Organic Traffic Leads to New Customers!

Millenicom, which pioneered the alternative telecom sector in Turkey and was founded in 2004 with the aim of becoming the leading alternative operator in the liberalized Turkish telecommunication market, became a part of SOCAR Turkey in June 2019.

Millenicom provides a range of telecom and communication services to its customers, which amounts to around 300,000, and connects its users with the rest of the world via affordable, practical, smooth, and high-quality Internet connections.


At the beginning of the project, we were aware that we would be competing with long-established and strong competitors. After our preliminary examination, we realized that the website received traffic only from brand queries, and almost no traffic came from non-branded sector-related queries. Also, since there were no individual pages for user queries at that time, almost all sector-related keywords were targeted with the home page and therefore the rankings were poor.


First of all, we aimed to make the website and its few pages technically smooth. We resolved all the issues and deficiencies we identified by cooperating with the brand. Afterward, we created new, individual pages for each important sector-related query. In addition to creating new pages, we implemented on-page improvements for all existing pages. Thanks to the new pages, the website started to be listed in the queries of many other keywords and achieve better rankings. Next, we revived the blog and started to create content on the web that would attract the target audience to the website.


  • Number of Organic Sessions (YoY): 97.35+%
  • Number of Organic Users (YoY): 94.70+%
  • Number of Organic New Users (YoY): 92.48+%
  • SEO Visibility Score (YoY): 53.74+%
  • Application Form Filling Rate (YoY): 65%+
  • 532K clicks & 8.93M impressions via Blog Pages (Last 12 months)

* Comparison of data from the last 12-month period and the 12-month period before that.