19% Increase in SEO Visibility Score; 595.30% Increase in Organic Sessions; 910.10% Increase in Revenue!

Yıldız Elektrik-Inşaat, a player in the energy and electrical materials industry with a history of over 20 years, carried its success and expertise over into the world of e-commerce. Called Star Akım, the website operates based on the principle of reliable trade and offers its customers the premium products of world-renowned brands at sensible prices and high-quality service. Star Akım aims to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction by integrating the concepts of quality, service, speed, and sustainability into retail sales activities.

With its main office of 7000m2 located in Ferhatpasa, Atasehir, as well as a company store and warehouse, the brand continues to deliver affordable solutions in-line with the expectations and needs of its customers. 


Starakim.com works in partnership with a company that provides a ready-made e-commerce architecture.Due to site architecture, we ran into problems implementing schema markups to category pages and server-side speed improvements techniques. Also, delays occurred due to inability to manage the redirections in bulk. 


When we first started working on Star Akım, the website didn’t have a properly organized category structure, there were too many duplicate pages. In addition, the existing pages were insufficient in terms of content and there were various technical errors. We tried to create the ideal category structure by establishing brand search and product type pages, as well as by closing or merging unnecessary category pages. So, our optimization recommendations included creating the most related pages for targeted keywords and choosing the keywords in a user-oriented fashion.

As for technical SEO, there were too many pages with parameters affecting the crawl budget; by decommissioning these pages, we paved the way for Googlebot to crawl the pages that are more important. We aimed at increasing the number of products on the pages and strengthening the content. We identified the products that did not sell but the search volume of which was above a certain level and shared them with our client. We suggested to our client to try to promote these products. Also, it was necessary to create a thorough blog strategy; we created blog content that would serve as a guide to the target audience. This suggestion brought about a significant increase in traffic and sales numbers.

We created content for the established categories. While creating the said content, we paid extra attention to using all relevant keywords with low or high volume to the respective category. Thus, we aimed to attract traffic to the website through low-volume keywords where competition is smaller when the desired ranking could not be achieved in related queries of high-volume keywords for where competition is fierce. Consequently, we were able to increase the variety of keywords from which we get organic traffic as well. We ensured that this range of keywords encompassed sales-oriented keywords especially. To exemplify, we have adopted a direct sales-oriented approach by targeting keywords made up of brand name + product name, i.e. Viko socket, Next Satellite Receiver, etc.


  • 19% Increase in SEO Visibility Score

* Includes data from between May 2019 to May 2021. 

  • 595.30% Increase in Number of Organic Sessions
  • 809.55% Increase in Number of Organic Users
  • 910.10% Increase in Revenue

* Comparison between data dated  07.05.2020 vs. 07.05.2021 and 07.05.2019 vs. 06.05.2020