Barış Asa

Business Development Analyst
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He has started his undergraduate education at Kadir Has University, where he took active roles in the entrepreneurship community of the university and led the community itself for 1.5 years. He took his first steps into a professional career at GittiGidiyor simultaneously with his education. He gained experience with startups and markets in different disciplines such as Event Management, Social Media Marketing, Growth Hacking, Inbound Marketing, B2B Lead Generation, Brand Marketing. In 2017, he joined the Zeo family as a Jr. Marketing Analyst and he has been working as a Business Development Analyst since September 2018. He plays an active role in Zeo's brand-side projects and strategies. Having an infinite passion for practicing what he has learned, Barış is delighted to conduct in-depth research on the subjects he is curious about. Exploring undiscovered animes, mangas, and indie games are some of his main hobbies.