Çağatay Yazıcı

Jr. SEO Analyst
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He graduated from FMV Işık University International Trade Department. His passion for marketing began during his university years and during his university education, he worked as a manager in various student clubs. He then began his career as a digital marketing specialist in the online education sector, where he had the opportunity to experience various areas of marketing, including search engine optimization, social media management, business development, growth, international marketing, and customer experience. Meanwhile, he was responsible for the marketing process of the newly established international online education brand. After this experience, he decided to continue his career with the focus of SEO and joins ZEO Agency in 2019 as a Jr. SEO Analyst. Çağatay Yazıcı, who is a full marketing enthusiast, loves to produce content. As he finds time, he produces marketing content on Zeo Blog.