Hande Parmaksız

Sr. SEO Analyst
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Graduated from Istanbul Economics 2013, Hande preferred to continue the next phase of her education in the field of Marketing due to her interest in advertising. After her internship experiences in various sectors and an Erasmus adventure in France, she took her first step into the digital world as a Digital Advertising Expert. She has been working as an Asst. SEO Executive at Zeo since the beginning of 2017. She provides consultancy on some of the leading websites of Turkey such as Acıbadem Health and Hyundai Turkey. She won the Best Use of Search-Health award at UK Search Awards in 2019 for her SEO project in the health sector. Apart from SEO, topics such as Gamification, Digital Consumer Behavior, Storytelling, and UX attract her attention. Nowadays, it can be said that her relationship with economics is more of a general cultural focused one. She has also been closely interested in fantasy fiction and Sci-Fi since her university years. Ever since she knew herself, she was curious, wondering, learning, dreaming, traveling and writing.