Tevfik Mert Azizoğlu

Asst. SEO Executive
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Prior to his Computer Engineering education, Mert was interested in SEO and digital marketing. He wrote blogging on technology and WordPress topics. After his undergraduate degree, he started working as an SEO Analyst in the SEO sector, where he combined the training for software with digital marketing. In 2018, he was a finalist for the Young Search Professional Of The Year at the European Search Awards, considered the Oscar of the search sector. Mert, who has various tool projects about the automation of SEO processes. From 2018, he is working in the Zeo Agency as a Sr. SEO Analyst. He also plays an active role in team training, performance measurement, team motivation and in-company tool development processes. While Mert is very interested in technical SEO, he is very excited about the UX side. Rugby and Rowing are the sports that he is interested in in his spare time.

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