Okan Çakır

Asst. SEO Executive
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He enrolled in the Communication Design minor program while studying at the Translation and Interpreting Department of Bilkent University, and then he decided that his dream job was in the digital marketing and advertising sector during the courses. Subsequently working in the health sector for a year and a half after his graduation, he followed his dreams and joined the Zeo family as an SEO consultant. While continuing his professional life, he completed his master's degree in Kadir Has University's New Media program with his thesis titled "Trust Factor in Internet Based Health Communication: The Approach of Users to News Sites in Turkey". Okan, who is the SEO project manager of many local and global brands such as MediaMarkt, Akakçe, Yandex and Yves Rocher, he is also interested in the French language and culture, content marketing, and localization. He likes cooking up new things in the kitchen in his spare time.