Isaac Rudansky, CEO of AdVenture Media Group, is widely considered to be an industry-leading expert on all matters related to pay per click advertising, online traffic acquisition and conversion rate optimization. As an educator, Isaac has over 225,000 paying students enrolled in his full-length online courses, and his beginners guide to Google Ads has been watched by over 950,000 students. Isaac founded AdVenture Media, a digital advertising agency based in Long Island, NY, in 2013. Since then, Isaac and his team have consulted with over 450 companies around the world, ranging in size from small mom and pop ecommerce boutiques, to multiple, publicly traded companies. Isaac and his team manage the digital advertising campaigns for well known companies like Forbes, AMC Networks, Karrass Negotiating, The International Culinary Center, Hearst, Hanes and many more.

Isaac Rudansky

AdVenture Media Group