Performance Marketing


For those who do not know: What is Performance Marketing?

Performance marketing is a marketing strategy that covers all of the advertising works carried out on digital channels. It is a marketing method in which the strategies can be determined dynamically since it enables much more detailed measurement than traditional marketing methods. Performance marketing has different purchasing options like cost-per-click (CPC), 1000 cost-per-mille (CPM), and so on. This also allows the choice of models for different marketing strategies.

For Beginners: How to do Performance Marketing? What does it include?

In digital, performance marketing covers all areas suitable for advertising through digital marketing channels. While these are led by ads published in search results pages of search engines, web sites within visual ad networks, social networks such as Youtube and Facebook are also among the areas where internet users can be reached in performance marketing. Performance marketing is run based on campaigns over digital marketing tools such as Google Ads, Yandex Direct, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and their performances are also tracked through these tools. Special campaign offers and costing strategies are included in each digital marketing tool specific to them, as well as machine learning-based bidding strategies, creation of customized audiences, and targeting of specific audiences. Performance Marketing, which includes CPC (Cost Per Click), simplifies real-time ROI (Return on Investment) measurement.

How does the Zeo team approach Performance Marketing?

The Zeo team has an approach that is data and automated oriented in Performance Marketing and a dynamic and interaction-oriented approach from a creative point of view. While aiming at an accurate measurement of data, choosing the right bidding strategies and creating detailed insights with statistical data analysis methods on the data-driven side; on the automation side, it provides a perspective on accelerating and enriching marketing processes by using technologies such as scripts and API technologies. In addition to effective data-driven campaign management and automated problem-solving capabilities, the Zeo team also focuses on creative solutions to enhance interaction. It performs landing page optimizations and A / B testing applications to improve the performance of campaign landing pages.


Performance Marketing Analysis Process

When we consider that each brand’s priorities and needs are different, we cannot talk about a uniform Performance Marketing analysis process. When we start the Performance Marketing Analysis process, we create a project plan by prioritizing the works that will contribute quickly, by asking the right questions to understand the all the requirements during the start-up meeting with the brand. If we go before that, after we ask our potential customers about their product / service, during the preparations we make for the meetings, we prepare a preliminary analysis report that touches the issues we wish to mention, which may bring wins. If you want to examine how standard flow should be, you can take a look at the flow used in the Performance Marketing analysis process we’ve prepared for you:


What do our clients think about Zeo?

In our opinion, when an agency focuses on the process and moves away from producing results, it reduces its benefits to the customer. That’s why Zeo works on the strategy that will serve the client’s KPI’s right from the beginning of all SEO processes. As a result of the great cooperation we have with our customers’ teams, we achieve results we are proud of.


Success Stories of Clients with Zeo

In our opinion, a real success makes itself mentioned a lot. Moreover, in areas such as SEO and Performance where organized work is needed, this success is the result of a true team work. We sat before the camera with our clients which we created great jobs together and talked about the processes that brought us this success. In our last video, you can view our work as a Case Study by Google, in which we have proven ourselves on the Performance side in addition to SEO.


Monthly +10M traffic +%65 growth

Monthly +60M traffic +%870 growth

+%222 user growth, -%12 cost-per-acquisition, +%45 ad return


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Performance Marketing Service

You can have specific concerns right before you deal with a new partner. First of all, the time aspect of making a wrong decision in a 12-month Performance Marketing process, in which you will make a valuable time investment, will probably outweigh your financial loss. That’s why we have compiled the frequently asked questions from you for years.

How is the quotation for the performance marketing service determined?
There are many elements that affect performance marketing service offerings. The most important of these are the tools used, the consultants, the capacity of the site and the work that can be done, the demands from the customer.
Which Marketing channel should I choose?
It will be most efficient to choose all channels that can be used to reach your potential customers and to execute marketing strategies with the most optimized budgets / offers in those channels. Whether or not you have a website is also decisive in the marketing channels or campaign types that can be selected.
Which bid strategy should I choose?
With the right management automatic bidding strategies can be preferred to achieve target-oriented performance. Manual strategies can give account managers more control, but can lead to poor performance by making management more complex.

Which consultants will help you?

In Zeo Agency, the Performance Marketing department works entirely on the basis of agile management principles. At the beginning of the project, the manager assigned to the project with the role of “Product Owner” is responsible for all project communications and strategies. All the work items to be made during the project are readied according to the briefs prepared by our team and our ScrumMaster and presented to you according to the PO’s control. We would like to introduce you to some of the names that will guide your Performance Marketing strategy, in case we work together.

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