Think with Google is a platform that shares the latest developments in the field of digital marketing, informative articles, website analysis tools, and consumer data. This platform shares a lot of information on how you can be more efficient in developing marketing strategies and developing new strategies.

In this article, we will examine the tools of Google's Think with Google platform, which has the most important tool for digital marketing. These tools are divided into four Find My Audience, Google Trends, Grow My Store, and Market Finder.

Find My Audience

If you're a business using YouTube, Find My Audience is a tool that allows you to learn about your audience's interests and search trends, so you can develop new ways to reach them.

With this tool, you can gain insights into your target audience's interests, habits, and the products they plan to buy, so you can reach new audiences. With Find My Audience Insights Finder, a persona is created that you can use in your advertising strategies and you can create a YouTube campaign to reach new audiences with this persona created based on your most valuable viewers.

You can analyze search trends for the sector and develop your strategies in this direction.

You can improve your content production with the suggestions provided by the Find My Audience Insights Finder tool and determine the content you will produce in the future based on viewership rates and trends.

To start using the Insights Finder tool:

To use the tool, you need to sign in with your work account. Since the tool is still in beta, if you have problems logging in, you can use the Troubleshooting Guide or contact the Google team to share your problem.

You can watch Oreo's success story about how Oreo reached its target audience and achieved 100% annual growth by using the Find My Audience Insights Finder tool here!

Google Trends

With Google Trends, you can analyze users' search behavior. You can perform this analysis by selecting the country you are in or the country you want to learn about search trends. In addition, you can examine not only country-based search trends but also search trends around the world on Google Trends.

After selecting the location information on the home page, you can examine the information showing which topics are trending and why they are trending from the image above.

If we use Google Trends for a more detailed analysis:

You can see the daily trends in detail by entering a keyword where the search button is or by clicking on "see what's trending now". Looking at what's trending right now:

We are presented with a list showing the trends and search volumes of that day.

Apart from this, as we mentioned before, you can also query a specific keyword.

If we examine the search volume of the word SEO; a maximum of 5 topics or words can be added to the comparison section. In this context, you can examine the trends of 5 different topics or keywords at the same time.

In this section, you can organize your location, time, category, and web search options on the scale you want. You can set the trend according to the time interval you want, and you can select the category by sector. In web search, you can select Google News, Image Search, YouTube, and Google Shopping by category and perform a review only on those categories.


Search interest is numbered from 1-100 on the graph. You can see the search interest by hovering over the time when the word in question was searched the most and take note of it in your analysis.

You can see which cities your searches come from by location and how much search interest there is in those cities with this table.

In this section, you can see the topics and queries related to the keyword and examine how much these queries have increased. In addition to filtering by increasing topics and queries, you can filter by Most Relevant topic and query:

In this way, we can access the most relevant topics and queries for the keyword. Google Trends is one of the efficient tools you can use in your reports for the above-mentioned and more detailed analysis. For more detailed information about the use of Google Trends and for those who are curious about the relationship between Trends and SEO, you can check our blog on the subject.

Grow My Store

The Grow My Store tool quickly analyzes e-commerce websites and provides a report on the website in question. This report evaluates the pros and cons of the website under various categories. While analyzing the current status of the website, the tool also provides suggestions for improvement.

You can start the analysis by entering the URL of your website, at which point it will ask you for an e-mail address and direct you to a link so that you can review your report when it is ready.

To use the Grow My Store tool, we will analyze Mudo.

After entering the URL, we select which channels our business sells on.

In the next step, we make our choices about which sector our business is in or which sectors it can be associated with.


In the next step, if there is an e-commerce platform used by our business, we select it, if it is not in the specified options, we enter the platform we use from the 'Other' heading.

We create a profile and enter the necessary information for the report to be delivered to us.

It then asks you to connect your email to the Grow My Store tool and you will be notified via email when your report is ready. It may take a few hours to complete the report, so it is useful to check your e-mail periodically. :)

When we examine the report outputs:

We see that the analyzed website is above the industry average in providing a customer experience.

We see that the website performs well in information such as product details, product search, and product prices, but falls short in product ratings and reviews. For detailed information, you can see the suggestions offered for you by clicking on the "Find out more" option below.

When the store details are examined, it is seen that opening hours and location information are missing.


The website of the brand examined in terms of personalization has been successful in both topics in the visual.


In the frictionless shopping analysis, it was observed that the website did not include pick-up from the store and return-to-store options.

It is seen that the website is successful in all features such as a basket, free returns, and multiple payment methods except next-day delivery.

In the analysis, success was achieved in titles such as contact number, return policy, and social media within the scope of customer service, but since there is no live chat feature, success could not be achieved in that section.


When the security of the website is analyzed, it is seen that the HTTPS protocol is used, that is, the security of communication between the browser and the website is ensured.

When the mobile compatibility of the website was tested, it was seen that it was mobile compatible but the mobile speed was not sufficient.

This report provided by the Grow My Store tool provides comprehensive and useful insights and recommendations for your business. You can take advantage of the Grow My Store tool for a free and comprehensive analysis.

Market Finder

Market Finder is a tool that aims to find new markets. Unlike other tools, Market Finder analyzes the products and services of your business. You can start the analysis by entering the URL of your website in this tool as in the other tools reviewed. It generates a report at the end of the analysis, which includes a monthly search volume estimate for your products and services, a ranking of which countries are easier to start a new business in, and disposable income to determine the purchasing power of potential customers in the market.

We will perform this analysis on Mudo's website. You can start the analysis by entering the URL of the business you want to analyze on the start page.


In the next step, we create our product category by selecting the categories related to our products and services.



We choose where we want to sell our products and services. There are US and Global options, at this stage, you can choose the one that suits your business. We will go with Global.


In the next stage, the tool shows us the most suitable points of sale for the analyzed business.

When we hover over the recommended countries, we see the monthly search volume, Google Ads cost, household disposable income, and the ranking of the difficulty of doing business in the country.




Finally, you can complete your profile by selecting your name and local market to access market information, content, and helpful guides.

Think with Google is a platform that provides comprehensive insights into the digital marketing industry and helps you analyze consumer behavior and create your marketing strategies. By trying out the tools in this article, you can make the marketing strategies of the business you work for or own more efficient, reach new audiences, and grow your business!

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