A Journey from Traffic to Conversion

Digital changes! Do you really master your customer’s journey in digital, which has measurability as its greatest difference from traditional marketing? In the era of those who believe that if something can’t be measured, it can’t be improved, we often forget the people between the numbers. As Zeo, we do not consider traffic as only a statistic, but also as a sum of attention paid to the value created. For this reason, the flow in the customer’s journey is formed by three steps for us.



Our first step is inviting people in our target audience to our world. Creating content to draw the attention of real human beings behind the numbers is the first step. Again the acquisition process, during which we play by the rules of Google which attempt to create an algorithm that considers the people first, will be our journey’s first step.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

When people make queries, being one of the answers is a priority for companies. Our greatest excitement is to discover how Google presents the answers to the 3.5 billion questions asked to it every day. SEO, the first service provided by Zeo Agency in its story, is the field in which we have the most experience.

Content Marketing

Without a doubt, access to information and content is the greatest convenience provided by the internet to us. In that case, do you provide content that will meet the queries and keywords searched by your target audience? We can bring you closer to your audience by developing a correct content strategy via our process which begins with comprehensive orientation research.



In digital, gaining traffic is the first step you will take to form the correct communication with it. But the entirety of the process is not completed by gaining it. To create the correct communication with your target audience, for once, look from where ZEO is looking from.

Creative Content Creation

Did you know 90% of the traffic created during the history of the world is created within the last 2 years? We are among those who believe that being interactive creates a difference in an era when content consumption is molting. You can draw more attention with an infographic, or perhaps a dynamic information content.

Experience Optimization

Have you tested the digital experience created by years of studies on the correct target audience? If you are not the true consumers of the product/message you wish to spread, you may not be able to necessarily provide an efficient user experience. We can optimize your experience via data-oriented solutions like eye tracking or heat maps.



Let us think that you have designed a unique experience which allows you to create a perfect interaction after you have directed the traffic of most of your target audience. If this process produces results that do not serve the primary aims of your company, you must be looking at the process from a wrong angle.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Do you know anyone who works in a business based on conversion via e-trade or form, and does not track conversion rates? It is possible to achieve a greater conversion rate by analyzing all the obstacles that the users encounter with correct software during the process completion of conversion/aim.

Happy Customers