Content Marketing


What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a strategic marketing approach that enables consistent content withcertain value and relevance, starting with comprehensive orientation research, to understand the user intent and consequently to trigger target audience.

For Beginners: How is Content and Orientation Marketing Accomplished?

We can say that the identification of objectives and tasks are key elements of content marketing. Because these definitions allow you to decide what kind of content you should produce and you should not produce. In a process that starts with comprehensive keyword research, you can bring your audience closer to your brand with the right content strategy.

How does the Zeo team approach Content Marketing?

Determining the content strategy, content production, publishing the content and then measuring the performance of the content are the primary topics of the main business process of the Zeo team. However, there are many steps that need to be taken and followed under all these topics. As Zeo Agency, we share the following process with our customers in order to provide the best experience to them for the content and orientation marketing and for them to get the best conversion. In addition, we also provide training support according to their needs.


Content Analysis Process

It is not possible to talk about a uniform content and orientation strategy as the goals of brands in content and orientation marketing may differ. The content and orientation strategy should be tailored to the goals and needs of the brand. At the start of the process, during the orientation research at our initial meeting with the brand, we ask the right questions to understand all the requirements, and then we set up a strategy by prioritizing the works that will contribute quickly. However, if you want to examine how standard flow should be, you can take a look at the flow we’ve prepared for you, that is used in the Content and Orientation Marketing process:

Content Strategy
  • Analysis of Existing Content
    We form the basis of our strategy by identifying all of the existing content on your site and analyzing their current situation.
  • Competitor analysis
    By analyzing the content marketing strategies of your competitors, we determine the deficiencies and the truths in your content marketing strategy and we guide our strategy accordingly.
  • Determination of Target Audience
    We look at your target audience’s searches and determine their expectations from you. Understanding the needs of your target audience is one of the most important aspects of the strategy. Based on this, we determine the types of topics and content types that will be used in your content strategy.
  • Determination of Goals
    We set our strategy and set our goals according to all analyzes. In order to reach our goals, we analyze the status of our goals by making detailed measurements after the processes of production and publication.
  • Keyword Analysis
    With the assistance of the keyword analysis we have done based on the details of our strategy, we identify the content topics that need to be added and we form the basis for determining the content to be created.
  • Creating Content Requests
    We determine the content types according to the content topics extracted from the keyword analysis. There are many types of content, such as videos, blogs, infographics, success stories, and interviews. We pass on to the content production process by providing detailed information to our writers for the content production with the briefs that differ according to the determined content type.
  • Content Training
    As content production is a continuous action on a website, for you to have the correct information about this subject, our team offers you a special workshop training. This way, your team will have an idea on about how to progress at all the works done on behalf of the content on the site and improvements can be made accordingly.
Content Generation
Publishing Content
  • Publishing on the Website
    After the creation of the content, we share with you the operations to be done in terms of SEO during the process of publication on the website. These are operations that concern in-page optimization, such as title, description and URL suggestions, visual optimizations, page-related feedback in terms of user experience.
  • Publication in Social Media Accounts
    We share our views on how to schedule your new content on your social media accounts to be published, and visual content usage with you.
  • Email Marketing
    We guide you to share your newly created content using e-mail marketing with your followers on your system.
  • Outreach
    In order to increase the power of your new page, we are complete outreach efforts along with efforts to increase its awareness.
  • Data Analysis
    We use Google Analytics, Search Console, and many other tools used for content measuring, to evaluate your performance and report to you.
  • Analysis of Targets
    We examine the status of the goals we set when we determined our strategy, set new goals and make improvements.
  • CTR Optimization
    We review your metrics like search in Search results via Search Console, and make optimization studies for your title and description tags according to your insights.
Performance Measurement

What do our clients think about Zeo?

In our opinion, when an agency focuses on the process and moves away from producing results, it reduces its benefits to the customer. That’s why Zeo works on the strategy that will serve the client’s KPI’s right from the beginning of all SEO processes. As a result of the great cooperation we have with our customers’ teams, we achieve results we are proud of.


Success Stories of Clients with Zeo

In our opinion, a real success makes itself mentioned a lot. Moreover, in areas such as SEO and Performance where organized work is needed, this success is the result of a true team work. We sat before the camera with our clients which we created great jobs together and talked about the processes that brought us this success. In our last video, you can view our work as a Case Study by Google, in which we have proven ourselves on the Performance side in addition to SEO.


Monthly +10M traffic +%65 growth

Monthly +60M traffic +%870 growth

+%222 user growth, -%12 cost-per-acquisition,
+%45 ad return


Frequently Asked Questions about Content and Orientation Marketing

You can have specific concerns right before you deal with a new partner. First of all, the time aspect of making a wrong decision in a 12-month SEO process, in which you will make a valuable time investment, will probably outweigh your financial loss. That’s why we have compiled the frequently asked questions from you for years.

Why does Content and Orientation Marketing fail?
The main reason for the failure of content marketing is to proceed without identifying a strategy or to proceed with an incomplete strategy. Strategies must be customized to the specific needs of each brand.
Why Content and Orientation Marketing should be done?
– Build a trust between your users and the brand
– Create brand recognition
– To stand out in organic search
– Find your potential clients
– If you want to increase the number of returning visitors, Content and Orientation Marketing will contribute.
How can you measure the effects of Content and Orientation Marketing?
Soft metrics in Content and Orientation Marketing are used to measure interactions, return rates and brand awareness of your users, while your hard metrics consist of sales influences and statistics for users who are directed to your site. Creating a document that will allow you to keep track of all these over time will be useful in assessing the performance of different content marketing activities over time.
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