Insights & Tips From Top Digital Marketing Tools for 2022

Explore insights and tips to shape your 2022 strategies from top Digital Marketing Tools and benefit from promo codes for free trials

Deniz Çınar
  in Digital Marketing

How To Create A Search Campaign - How To Set Up Ad Groups And Keywords

You can read our article about how to create a search campaign and what you should pay attention to when setting up the campaign on Zeo Blog.

Sevcan İpek
  in Performance Marketing

2021 Guide for Digital Marketers: Recommendations From Top Experts

Learn from top experts about the most important takeaways from a year deeply affected by pandemic, as well as the key SEO and PPC trends for 2021.

Deniz Çınar
  in News From Sector and ZEO

Developing Marketing Strategies Through the OKR Method Around the Marketing Funnel + Template

You can read our blog to create effective marketing strategies to achieve your business goals by using marketing funnels and OKR method.

Gökçe Yeşilbaş
  in Digital Marketing

10 Tips to Increase Your Email Marketing Conversion Rates

Discover the 10 steps you should follow to make use of the great potential of email marketing and increase your conversion rate.

Deniz Çınar
  in Digital Marketing

SEO Guide for E-Commerce Sites

You can find a comprehensive SEO Guide for E-Commerce Sites on the Zeo Blog.

Tevfik Mert Azizoğlu
  in E-Commerce SEO

What Are WebP and WebM and How to Use Them?

You can find the advantages of using WebP and WebM – two next-generation rich media formats announced by Google in this article.

Gökhan Ercan
  in Page Speed & Performance