How to send User ID to Google Analytics 4?

In this post, you will learn how to generate and send your user ID to Google Analytics 4, for creating user behavior reports.

Berkay Tayfun Demirbaş
  in Measurement

How to Send Web Vitals Metrics to Google Analytics 4 Using Google Tag Manager?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to send your web vitals metrics to Google Analytics 4 through Google Tag Manager using the Web Vitals library.

Berkay Tayfun Demirbaş
  in Measurement

How To Create A Search Campaign - How To Set Up Ad Groups And Keywords

You can read our article about how to create a search campaign and what you should pay attention to when setting up the campaign on Zeo Blog.

Sevcan İpek
  in Performance Marketing

What are Different Types of Content Marketing? Inspirational Examples of Content Marketing from All Around the World

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