A sitemap is one of the most important factors for ensuring that a page is indexed by Googlebot, along with robots.txt and Google Search Console.

It is recommended that indexable URLs responding with status code 200 should be included in the sitemap.

The status codes of URLs in sitemaps can be determined by crawling tools in bulk. 

Sitemap Scraper, on the other hand, allows you to determine the status codes of URLs in a given sitemap without crawling them.

What is Sitemap Scraper?

Sitemap Scraper is a free spreadsheet offered by Zeo. With the improvements to the first version, the sheet is now available in version 2.

How to Use Sitemap Scraper v0.2

For the Sitemap Scraper tool, click the "Try It" button on the SEO Sheets page, where you can access the free tools Zeo provides.

Afterward, you will be taken to the spreadsheet where you can check out Sitemap Scraper.. You can create a copy of the Sitemap Scraper tool by clicking the “Click Here to Use This Sheet” button.

If there are multiple sitemaps, you can enter the URLs of the relevant sitemaps in the cell next to the "Sitemap Index Input URL" cell.

Next, the Sitemap Scraper Tool will list all the sitemaps on the entered URLs under "Sitemap Index Output".

Lastly, to check the status codes of URLs in a sitemap, simply enter the relevant URLs in the cells under the "Unique Sitemap Scraper" column.

In the otherSitemap URLs" pages of the Spreadsheet, you can find the URLs in the sitemaps and their status codes.

We hope you find the Sitemap Scraper tool useful. :)

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