Keyword Filter

Upload your keyword file, complete filtering process save your final file to your computer.

Keyword List

Please add files as CSV or TSV format.





Please add the keywords you want to remove from the list. The tool will remove the keywords which match one-to-one.

If there are keywords which must be included, please provide them here:


  • Insert your file
  • Define the keywords you want to erase, or the ones that you want to keep in the “Elimination” area.
  • For the “Filtering” section- choose the action, keyword and filter type. To add more filters choose the “and” option. You can delete the filter with “-“.
  • Your list will appear with the choices you made.
  • Finally, in the “Grouping” area- choose your group name and the filters you want to apply. You can use “+” sign to add keywords and have it on the list- or the “-“ sign to remove it.
  • At finally, the tool will provide a detailed grouped list for you.

The Keyword Filter tool lets you eliminate, filter and group hundreds of keywords within minutes!

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