Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As Zeo we have supported more than 300 brands to be successful in digital to date. Although our story begins with our publishing of the first SEO blog on this field in Turkey in 2006. As an agency which has grown with its power in SEO, we have a lot of successes we can share with you in this field due to the solution recommendations we provided as a result of the detailed analyses, rather than the basic consultancy with which we are very experienced with.


A Summary for those who do not know: What is SEO?

In short, SEO, is an abbreviation for “Search Engine Optimization” in English. SEO, one of the most important fields in digital marketing field, is also known as “Search Engine Optimization” in Turkey. Learning efficiently the ranking criteria of Google and other search engines who aim for producing the most relevant, correct and explanatory results for the queries made by users, thus enabling to create the process of the necessary optimizations for these is called SEO.

For beginners: How is SEO done?

According to what we have learned from many successful campaigns in the world, SEO is a team work from start to finish. Alas, it is not possible for a company to reach a point simply by paying money and not providing any team support to a SEO agent/consultant. It is necessary to understand that SEO is an “experience optimization” and to include all teams that can better the experience to the project. We can include content creation, IT support with technical corrections, or new ideas acquired from user familiarization sessions with product team to the SEO construction process. We suggest you follow ZEO Blog and ZEO TV for detailed information.

How does ZEO team approach SEO?

In our opinion, the SEO process is not only the effort made to obtain the rankings. Basically, we think that what we do is based on the fact that people who lead different questions / queries to Google are guided to the most useful result as a result of a very powerful algorithm. In this context, we believe that projects that do not have value proposal or do not want to produce it can’t produce an effective SEO result. While serving our clients as an agency we focus on: creating the page / content that can be the most useful search result (content-oriented SEO approach), making it easier for the search engines to reach the content in a technical sense (technical SEO improvements) and increasing the value of this content at the web level (link / mention improvements). Our team, participating in many conferences such as the world-famous Mozcon, Searchlove and BrightonSEO in this field, is implementing a world-class SEO process by adapting it to the dynamics of the targeted market. Our management team, who has been invited as speakers to conferences in different European countries such as England, Germany and Italy, works with our main team to implement this vision in the most effective manner. In addition, we continuously follow and share all developments with each other.


SEO Analysis Process

When we consider that each brand’s priorities and needs are different, we cannot talk about a uniform SEO analysis process. While starting the SEO analysis process we create a project plan, by prioritizing the jobs that will contribute quickly, and by asking the right questions to understand all the requirements in our initial meeting with the brand. If we go before that, after we ask our potential customers about their product / service, during the preparations we make for the meetings, we prepare a preliminary analysis report that touches the issues we wish to mention, which may bring wins. If you want to explore how standard flow should be, you can take a look at the flow used in the SEO analysis process we have prepared for you:

  • The market research
    In addition to the status of the existing site, we examine the organic competitors in the sector and the competitors on the offline side. We also explore the potentials by studying the sites abroad that we can accept as models.
  • Cost Analysis and Proposal
    In the light of the information gathered during the analyzes and meetings, we determine the average time to be allocated and determine a price depending on the consultant / hour. Since the whole team will contribute to the project on the consultancy side, unless there is an exceptional situation, we use a system that enables us to foresee which type of consultant will be included at what level and we share this with you in a transparent manner. Apart from this, we can list the other factors that affect the cost as the number of pages in the site, keywords and competition in the relevant market.
  • Determination of Target Audience
    We look at your target audience’s queries and determine their expectations from you. Understanding the needs of your target audience is one of the most important aspects of the strategy. Based on this, we determine the types of topics and content that will be used in your content strategy.
  • Traffic Prediction
    Instead of a false approach like “1st ranking guarantee on words X, Y, Z in 1 month”, after we perform a comprehensive keyword analysis using different tools, we categorize these keywords and we create forecast reports in which we measure the amount of potential traffic that can be achieved for different time periods and scenarios when targeting the relevant keywords. As the projected success is influenced by many different parameters such as the support of the IT team in the technical processes, the preparation of the proposed contents in time, we try to create a realistic projection by evaluating them over the probabilities of realization.
  • Onboarding
    We do meeting plants with our client with whom we have started to cooperate, and we prepare an onboarding report after the first meeting in which we understand our customer’s needs and wishes.
  • Competitor Analysis
    Following the identification of competitors in the sector, we determine the deficiencies of these organic competitors and the points they perform well, then we shape our strategy accordingly.
  • Technical SEO Study
    By scanning the website with various tools, we determine the areas which are missing or defective in the technical side, and by making search engine optimization, we aim to get maximum efficiency from the technical side of the site. We do innovative optimization operations by following new technologies and Google updates.
  • Content Strategy
    We review the content of the website so that it will be successful in terms of SEO, and determine our strategy based on keyword analysis, content performance in search results, and deficiencies.
  • Content Production
    We provide content creation support so that the category, product and service contents fit to SEO optimization, and share title and description suggestions in detail in order to get the maximum benefit from CTR optimizations.
  • Link Acquisition Strategy
    We produce different ideas and share them with our customers in order for the website to obtain organic links. We combine the types of content which obtain links like infographic and video content with interesting subject suggestions.
  • Investigation of Link Profile
    By examining the backlink profile of the website, we aim to have a healthy and organic structure. We monitor the backlinks to the site with regular malicious link analysis, and share the links that need to be disavowed with our customers.
  • SEO Visibility Analysis
    Following the search engine optimization operations, we perform SEO visibility analyzes and examine the performance of the site in search engine results. We regularly renew our strategy by comparing these with competitors.
  • Organic Traffic Measurement
    With the help of tools such as Google Analytics, Search Console, we analyze the organic traffic performance regularly with all the details and get new action plans.
  • Optimization Studies
    We are direct our optimization efforts based on the analysis of the data.

What do our clients think about Zeo?

In our opinion, when an agency focuses on the process and moves away from producing results, it reduces its benefits to the customer. That’s why Zeo works on the strategy that will serve the client’s KPI’s right from the beginning of all SEO processes. As a result of the great cooperation we have with our customers’ teams, we achieve results we are proud of.


Success Stories of Clients with Zeo

In our opinion, a real success makes itself mentioned a lot. Moreover, in areas such as SEO and Performance where organized work is needed, this success is the result of a true team work. We sat before the camera with our clients which we created great jobs together and talked about the processes that brought us this success. In our last video, you can view our work as a Case Study by Google, in which we have proven ourselves on the Performance side in addition to SEO.


Monthly +10M traffic +%65 growth

Monthly +60M traffic +%870 growth

+%222 user growth, -%12 cost-per-acquisition, +%45 ad return


Frequently Asked Questions About Our SEO Service

You can have specific concerns right before you deal with a new partner. First of all, the time aspect of making a wrong decision in a 12-month SEO process, in which you will make a valuable time investment, will probably outweigh your financial loss. That’s why we have compiled the frequently asked questions from you from our years of experience.

Should I choose SEO agencies or consultants who guarantee first place with specific keywords in search engine results?
Arama motoru optimizasyonu (SEO) çalışmaları sizin arama sonuçlarında belirli kelimelerde değil birçok farklı aramada listelenmenizi sağlar. SEO çalışmaları uzun bir süreç ve emek istemektedir. Optimizasyon çalışmalarının geri dönüşünü almanız 4 ay ila 1 yıl sürebilmektedir. Sizi hızla ilk sıraya taşıyan çalışmalar kısa vadede olumlu olsa da uzun sürede web sitenize zarar verebilir. Bu nedenle arama motoru optimizasyonu geniş perspektiften bakan, bu çalışmanın iki tarafın da emeği ile gerçekleşecek bir çalışma olduğunun bilincinde bir ajans ya da danışman ile çalışmanızı öneririz.
Should I choose SEO or SEM?
The answer to this question may vary depending on your target audience, your sector, your position in the sector, your KPIs and your budget. While the SEO work you do on your website will provide more long-term success and higher ROI (Return On Investment), with SEM work you can show only as much success as you pay. Our opinion will be to provide support with SEM activities periodically according to the needs of your site, instead of choosing between SEO and SEM works. For example, it is very important that you continue the AdWords work for words that contain your brand searches. As an example; Let’s target the words that you pay a lot of money in SEM but also turn into good conversions also in SEO, so that we can shift the budget we will save in the long term to different groups of words, which will enable us to establish a more effective campaign.
How are the bids for SEO services determined?
There are many elements that affect SEO service offers. The most important of these are the tools used, the consultants, the capacity of the site and the operations that can be done, the demands from the customer.
What kind of a path does Zeo take about negative SEO?
The most critical point of negative SEO work that is done intentionally or unconsciously is to make an accurate determination. Zeo consultants first examine all external links (backlink) that come to the website that they think are exposed to negative SEO work. It carries out the review process through 5 different tools, one of which is a tool produced by its own R & D efforts. The main reason Zeo uses many different SEO tools is that, it wants to reach the most detailed data and deliver operations with maximum efficiency to the customer. In the analyzes conducted through these tools, links that negatively affect the authority of the website are determined. These links are collected in a list and then shared with Google via the rejection tool provided by Google. The main purpose in doing this is to emphasize that these links are created entirely outside our control and that they are a negative intentional effort to reduce the authority of our website. Zeo analyzes the backlinks from beginning to end, provides detailed information about the customer, and then these links are rejected via the Disavow Links Tool through Google Search Console to terminate their connection to the website and complete the entire process.
What is on-site SEO work and what does it do?
The main purpose of on-site SEO studies is to observe if the components underlying the site function correctly and improve them. Zeo starts the process with the technical review of the website. The performance and technical aspects of the website are improved so that Google bots can accurately analyze the website and provide users with the most accurately indexed pages. In order to do so, tools that simulate Google bots verbatim are used. In addition to Zeo’s own tools, on-site SEO analysis tools from many different partners are also used. Based on the results of these tools, it is determined how Google and other search engines see our web pages and what kind of errors there are. In order to solve these errors, Zeo consultants conduct their research and operations, then share their work with the technical teams or IT departments of the websites. With the corrections made, web sites are now indexed much more ideally by Google, reaching many more relevant users, and appearing in relevant search results.
What is off-site SEO work and what does it do?
GGoogle’s basic algorithm, PageRank, were before us as the numbers that represented the values of web pages for many years. However, because of its structure open to manipulation, some time ago, Google stopped updating and sharing this data. Although Google has stopped updating this value the conclusion that it is important has not faded away, because its basic logic is comprehended by many webmasters. In short, just as in our social life, to be recommended by reliable and quality sources create an image that the recommended person or object is reliable and has quality. Google thinks that “if a website is receiving links from truly reliable and high-quality sources, (meaning recommended and referenced by them,) then that website is of good quality and suitable to be shown to users. But with the passing of time, since this turned from a natural reference and linking system to fully paid work and a non-natural structure, Google started to not to update PageRank values. Zeo’s point of view here is to create works that we can really acquire a link for. Our content marketing service is the basis for our off-site SEO work. We provide users with interesting and shareable content, and assist in the sharing of those on different websites. Our design team and our content team collaborate to produce content that will attract and benefit the potential users of our clients and share those on different websites.
How are SEO consulting fees determined by Zeo?
Zeo initiates a preliminary analysis process to determine the needs of the project. In this process, the site’s traffic values of the last 2 years , the distribution of traffic according to channels, the position in the competition, traffic receiving and failing keywords, compatibility level to Google parameters and domain authority are queried. This query is made into a report and all details are shared with the potential customer. In this context, if the customer comes with a request for a quotation, Zeo uses data acquired to calculate the consultant / hour need to create the cost evaluation and shares the proposal with the requesting unit.
What is the user experience (UX) and the SEO relationship?
User experience optimization has many points in common with on-site SEO work. While UX optimization studies focus mainly on improving the experience of users visiting web pages and enhancing their sales conversions, SEO also allows Google and its users to index their web pages in the most accurate way possible. Therefore, one of the key elements of a correctly constructed site SEO study is that user experience optimization is also provided in the most accurate way.
How soon can I see the results of SEO work?
We need to look at the SEO work in 3 parts as consultant side, brand side and Google. The consultant, your SEO agency, is responsible for identifying problems and indicating how to solve them. The brand is obliged to take the necessary actions to solve the problems. Google’s reaction is awaited for when these two parts are resolved in an integrated and fast way (within the timeline asked by your SEO agency). In a 12-month SEO operation plan, a positive traffic increase can be observed after the first six months.
How can I tell if my current SEO agency has improved my site well?
SEO work is not a work that can succeed as soon as it begins due to its natural structure. Based on the current situation and investment amount, it is probable to develop strategies for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. SEO work starts with the correction of your technical structure. Therefore, the decrease in the number of errors found in your technical reports may indicate that the process is progressing well. Success in SEO is not an increase in 1 or a few keywords, but can be summarized as an improvement in tens, or hundreds of keywords found / targeted at a result of the keyword analysis on a category level. So, assuming you’re an e-commerce site, it shouldn’t be considered a success if you’re only ranked # 1 in the number 37 red stiletto keyword. Although an increase of a few ranks for 200 words you target in the Women’s Shoes category can be seen as a success.
Do you guarantee success?
Your SEO consultant will determine a strategy based on your technical qualification, your position in the competition – your competitors’ SEO investment, your short-mid-long term plans and priorities during the initial meeting with you. Since the most basic situation in SEO operation is to ensure that the technical infrastructure of the site is compatible with Google parameters, the process will start with the improvement of your technical infrastructure. This improvement will have an order from very critical to less critical problems. As the technical problems begin to improve, Google’s likelihood of recognizing our site will increase. In this direction, we will have to strengthen our content to ensure that our traffic to our site will be transformed into meaningful and relevant audience traffic, which will enable us to reduce the rate of high-quality traffic leaving our site quickly. While we deal with our technical and content problems, we will need to control the links to our current site in order to strengthen our domain authority as a parallel work. Zeo launches its operational processes weekly due to its agile project principle. It considers 1 month as 4 parts and reports to the brand every week with technical, content, off-site and measuring topics.
How does the reporting process of SEO work?
SEO operations do not solely depend to your SEO agency for its success. Your SEO agency is obliged to share with you how to solve the current problems and to formulate a strategy according to competitor analysis. As a consultant party, it has no obligation to directly make technical changes. In other words, by specifying how to solve your technical problems, it will clarify the actions to be taken by the brand. The quicker the brand’s technical team acts on the changes for site, the greater the chance of success. Your SEO agency can show the potential in your industry, and share the traffic / visibility percentage that it aims to achieve. However, it will be misleading to guarantee success under any circumstances.
Does AdSense have an impact on SEO?
There is no direct relationship between AdSense, which is a publisher product for Google advertising and SEO performance. However, since if a website uses content areas as intense ad inventory or positions the ad placement more prominently than the page content, it will hurt user experience, it can cause negative changes in the behavioral metrics of visitors within the site . This may mean negative signals for the website in question.
What are the benefits of managing SEO and AdWords operations by the same agency?
Using organic traffic data for search engine advertising can be quite useful for cost optimization. Google Ads spending can be shaped by monitoring keyword performance in the organic channel. At the same time, a prioritization map can be issued for organic studies depending on the quality of the traffic produced by the paid results. The management of paid and organic traffic operations with teams who have instant communication with each other accelerates the decision making process and helps the action plans to be implemented in swift manner.
Which criteria should I choose my SEO agency with?
For starters, digital marketing is a very complicated service area to determine a fixed fee for, without making a analysis. Therefore, it will be advantageous for you to work with an agency where you can have a personalized analysis and then get pricing. In addition, you should not be working with agencies that give you 100% guarantee. Each customer has to proceed with a unique road map and the measurements speak for themselves in the process. Therefore, it will not be healthy for any agency to give a clear guarantee of success or a duration of the operation from the start. We recommend that you make your choice of agency considering these.
How long doing SEO would be enough?
You should not expect that you will be able to move your site to the top of Google and stay there continuously after applying SEO work for a certain period of time. Google’s constantly renewed infrastructure and algorithms may result in the opposite of the previous rules. Therefore, you need to constantly follow new developments, optimize your site in this direction, and serve your site in an infrastructure that complies with the current ranking factors.
What does Zeo do?
Zeo is a structure established as an SEO agency. The purpose of the main service that it offers to its customers can be summarized as adapting their websites to Google’s algorithms so that Google Bots sensing these adaptations improve the sites ranking to the top ranks for many words with different structures. In addition, we started to provide consultancy services on the advertising side due to the requests from our happy customers. In addition to Google ads, we also advise you on how to comply with the advertising strategies of Social Media channels. We give you the answer to the question “How should SEO content be appropriate?” with our SEO consultancy, but if you are asking for content creation, we direct you to another one of our operations, Our service, which has over 300 writers and 10 editors, aims to give you the support to provide content in all formats you need.
Does Zeo make technical arrangements?
Zeo is a consulting company. It aims to increase your visibility by moving the technical infrastructure requested by the search engines to your site. However, after optimization suggestions, the technical correction part is the your and your IT team’s responsibility.
What is taken into account when writing content that is compatible with SEO?
When we think of SEO-focused content, we can’t just think of a keyword-focused content anymore. Given the constantly evolving search engine algorithms, original content with quality come at the top of all the criteria. The agenda items such as semantic search and NLP are becoming more and more important. SEO-compliant content is now a topic that should be handled in a versatile way.
Is content creation part of SEO consulting?
SEO consultancy from Zeo offers suggestions on the suitability of content to SEO, but content writing is not within the scope of consultancy. As demanded, one of Zeo’s other subsidiaries, was established to support your content creation needs. More than 300 writers with potential to fulfill all your content demands on any subject after the approval from 10 editors are at your service.
What are the tools used in SEO?
– Deepcrawl – Ahrefs – Ryte – Screaming Frog – Majestic – Search Console – Google Analytics – MFI Checker – ZeoCrawler – SEMrush – Similarweb – Ryte – Botify – Oncrawl – Sitebulb – Ubersuggest – Keyword Planner – CognitiveSEO are tools used. Each of them serves a different process and it may be necessary to consult more than one in a single issue. We are developing or renting these tools for you as an agency. By comparing or combining the data we receive, we interpret the data you need, then extract your roadmap and report it to you.
What is the impact of web design on SEO?
In an ideal scenario, the relevant website works both visitors and search engine bots when it comes to a design where the user experience and SEO are built together. Considering that site speed is one of the ranking factors, the simplicity of the code rate will both have a direct impact on performance, and on SEO, where a more ideal crawling environment will be created for bots in html / text content ratio.
What are Google’s free services?
The following are Google-based tools that you can take advantage of for SEO free of charge: – Search Console – Google Analytics – PageSpeed Insights – Lighthouse – Structured Data Testing Tool – Mobile Compatibility Tool
How does the blog page impact SEO?
A high quality blog page has a direct impact on organic traffic by enabling you to communicate intimately with the target audience. On the SEO side, it also provides extra links to blog content by improving the on-site link flow. It also indirectly contributes to directing visitors to sales channels and also has a positive impact on brand awareness and reputation. The informative blog content may also indirectly contribute to backlink acquistion by being interacted or by being shared.
My site does not appear in any of the search results. What should I do to ensure that it is indexed again?
We can be indexed by using the Fetch as Googlebot module on Search Console we can reinvite the bots with an recrawling request, and send a request to be added to index.
Does social media benefit my SEO work?
It is difficult to say that social media shares have a direct contribution to our website’s SEO, but it is possible to increase brand awareness and brand searches from organic through the shares and the interactions brought by shares.
Do you need a programmer team to do SEO work?
The technical SEO concept is of great importance for our site to be crawled and indexed in a healthy way. In this case programmer teams and SEO departments should definitely work together.
How are the appropriate keywords determined for SEO?
Priority task is to identify the personas according to brand aims. To whom do we address, for what are we adressing for, what is the result we want to see here? If the keywords to be targeted are considered independent of these, your SEO project cannot be successful. The second important point is the correct identification of the competitors. One of your competitor brands might not be a competitor in online market, or you may encounter different competitors.

Which consultants will help you?

In Zeo Agency, the SEO department works entirely on the basis of agile management principles. At the beginning of the project, the manager assigned to the project with the role of “Product Owner” is responsible for all project communications and strategies. All the work items to be made during the project are readied according to the briefs prepared by our team and our ScrumMaster and presented to you according to the PO’s control. We would like to introduce you to some of the names that will guide your Search Engine Optimization strategy, in case we work together.

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