Yiğit Konur

Founder & Head of AI

One of the founding partners of Zeo, Yiğit started his career on the internet in 2005 with the websites that he created. While he took part in many SEO projects as a freelancer until he started his undergraduate life at Bilkent University, he started to share his experiences in these processes on a blog he opened in 2006. He founded Zeo in 2012. Yiğit, who has been interested in digital marketing and SEO since 2005, speaks at conferences such as Digitalzone - CMMasters - SEMdays - WMF - inOrbit, and the biggest contemporary SEO conference, called as BrightonSEO. He also serves as a jury member representing our country at the Search Awards, which are known as the Oscar Awards for the industry in Europe and the USA. Currently, he is the Product Manager of the Wope project at our product department in Ankara.