69% Increase in Organic Sessions and 490% Increase in SEO Visibility!

Elastron is a global thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) manufacturer with production facilities in Turkey and the USA. Elastron has offices in China, Japan, Taiwan, and Germany and its products are used in over 55 countries.

They have been focusing on the development, manufacture, marketing, and sale of thermoplastic elastomers since 1980. With their TPV, SEBS, SBS, and TPO-based series, Elastron is a key player in many industries


In the early stages of the project, we found out that there were various issues such as disruption of organic traffic due to existence of different domains, technical problems, weak footer structure, and inadequate and non-SEO-friendly content, as well as problems related to hreflang tags and URL structure. The SEO visibility score of the website was low at this point.


Our primary goal was to improve the rankings of main keywords such as "thermoplastic elastomer", "tpe", "thermoplastic vucanizat", "tpv", which are important industry-related keywords, and to reinforce the relevant pages that rank in the search results of these queries with SEO-friendly content.

After our client followed our recommendations regarding the migration process, content optimization, page improvements, elimination of technical errors, and creating new landing pages, positive outcomes were achieved in SEO metrics. With these actions, the website got to rank first in related queries of some of the target keywords. The visibility and performance of the website in the American market are increasing day by day.

We aim to boost organic traffic of the website with new blog posts. We continue to work on increasing both the rankings and the site authority by getting backlinks from high-quality and relevant websites.


  • Number of Organic Sessions (YoY): 69+%
  • Number of Organic Users (YoY): 54+%
  • Number of New Users (YoY): 56+%
  • SEO Visibility Score (YoY): 490+%

*Comparison of data from the period between the beginning of the project to today and the period before
(21.04.2019 - 21.06.2020 & 21.04.2020 - 21.06.2021)