Paid Search - Transactions: +2121%, Revenue: +2413%

Armağan Oyuncak, which started its adventure in the toy sector in 1989 in Bakırköy Underground bazaar, has become one of the leading companies in the sector with its stores opened in many provinces of Turkey.

By combining the experience and knowledge gained over the years with the licences of world-wide brands, it directs the market with product diversity and continuity in import and export.

Armağan established Mega Oyuncak distribution company by separating the import and export department from the retail department in 2005-2006 and continues its activities by aiming to provide diversity and continuity all over Turkey.


We carry out all the work on creating the entire advertising strategy and taking actions in this direction in order to increase the sales volume of the brand and to progress with certain roas over the relevant product groups.


With our optimised budget, we aimed to increase ROAS and increase our conversion rates. By segmenting the audiences with the Funnel system, we examined and highlighted our products that show seasonal increases and aimed to improve our ad types and content with A / B tests.


Paid Search

  • Transactions: +2121%
  • Revenue: +2413%

Paid Social

  • Transactions: +1054%
  • Revenue: +1396%

*Results cover the period between 01.08.2023/31.01.2024 and the previous period.