434% Increase in SEO Visibility!

Dido Group, which operates in the field of ready-made clothing, was established in Istanbul in 1983. In 2000, Dido Group introduced the fashion world AVVA, of which it is the licensor and owner.

AVVA, which made a striking debut in the fashion world with its innovative approach to men's apparel, created its own language of fashion for stylish men who prefer a youthful, sophisticated, contemporary, and original style.

The brand has more than 80 concept stores in Turkey and more than 30 abroad. Today, AVVA offers its products to fashion enthusiasts with its stores in Italy, Germany, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Morocco, Egypt, Syria, and Lebanon, as well as more than 600 sales points in the USA. AVVA has also become a registered brand in 120 countries.


At the beginning of the project, the biggest issue was that the website could only attract traffic from brand and brand + generic keyword queries. It had almost no visibility in generic searches. 

One of the biggest issues was the existence of multiple duplicate category pages under different parent categories. This was caused by the setup of the campaign system.


Our main goals were to enable AVVA.com.tr to attract traffic through non-branded queries in addition to brand searches, solve the technical issues and eliminate duplicate pages, and provide users a better experience.


  • Number of Keywords Ranking between 1st and 3rd: 89%+
  • Number of Keywords Ranking between 4th and 10th: 685%+
  • SEO Visibility Score (YoY): 434+%

*Results cover the entire project period, from March 2020 to May 2021.