Organik Trafikte %93 Artış ve SEO Görünürlüğünde %100 Artış!

Founded in Trieste, Italy in 1831, Generali Group opened its first agency in Istanbul in 1863. The company took a huge step towards localization by establishing Generali Sigorta Anonim Şirketi in 1989.

Generali, one of Europe's top three insurance companies, provides its services all around Turkey through a strong website and call center, as well as a network of over 500 agencies. Aiming to be the lifelong partner of its clients, Generali Sigorta provides high-quality and reliable products and services.


There were three platforms on the website at the beginning of the project, containing the main product-related content

  •   Corporate website
  •   Insurance Guide
  •   Generali Blog where blog content were presented

 This has resulted in a large number of repetitive and similar content structures.

Our top priorities were:

  •   Optimizing existing content,
  •   Creating relevance between different content types
  •   Adding operational outlinks to product pages

These actions covered both technical SEO and content development aspects.


Throughout the SEO project, we aimed to

  •  Regularly create authoritative content for the Insurance Guide and parts of the website
  •   Support the product pages on the main website with a sustainable flow coming from internal links
  •   Develop content about the main products in a way that is beneficial for search engines and especially visitors

In addition to the regular monitoring of technical improvements, we re-optimized all content with user experience and search intent in mind.

We also implemented our own method in the internal linking strategy with the help of xPath.


As a result of the actions taken, the following improvements were achieved on

  • Number of Organic Sessions (YoY): 93+%
  • Number of Organic Users (YoY): 106+%
  • SEO Visibility Score (YoY): 100+%
  • 86% Increase in the Number of New Visitors

* Comparisons of 1-year data from the 2018-2019 / 2019-2020 periods (YoY).