43% Increase in Organic Traffic and 68% Decrease in Bounce Rate!

Founded in 2013, iyzico provides virtual POS services and offers artificial intelligence-based payment technologies to e-commerce companies of different sizes. iyzico helps to facilitate complex payment processes with its simple and secure platform; it had a role in the digitalization of thousands of companies in a short period of time and achieved great success, which eventually led to its acquisition by PayU, a global juggernaut, in 2019. More powerful than ever, iyzico now spares no effort to democratize financial services and make them accessible, in addition to providing its services.

iyzico Buyer Protection addresses customers' concerns regarding online shopping and offers a better online shopping experience. With its 24/7 live support and the convenience in cancellation/refund processes, iyizco puts the customers back on charge. To this date, more than 2 million customers have made their online shopping with the security provided by iyzico Buyer Protection, and this number is increasing day by day. With Pay with iyzico, a mixed payment solution, millions of customers who do not work with a bank are able to enjoy the security of iyzico Buyer Protection in their online shopping.

iyzico continues to make internet shopping easier for both customers and sellers with the easy, accessible, and innovative technologies it offers.


The client of this project, iyizco.com, has strong competitors. During the project, competitive keywords such as "Virtual POS" were targeted and two site transitions and design changes were implemented. We aimed to achieve permanent high rankings in the queries of these competitive keywords without being negatively affected by the said transitions.


We optimized product pages and created SEO-friendly blog content primarily to support the product pages. We regularly kept track of duplicate content and bugged pages that emerged as a result of site transition processes and periodic technical improvements.

We have been able to significantly reduce the number of pages with a 4xx error code since our partnership began in 2017, thanks to our internally developed https://tools.zeo.org/carbon/Carbon tool. We have been preserving our place on the top in the search results of the most competitive keyword, "Virtual POS", for over two years now. We believe that  a sustainable dream cannot be achieved without teamwork.


  • Number of Organic Sessions (YoY): 43+%
  • Bounce Rate (YoY): 68-%