Chasing Every Little Click

MediaMarkt Turkey operates under the MediaMarkt Saturn Retail Group, Europe's largest electronic retail chain, and CECONOMY, its parent company. MediaMarkt, which operates in line with the principle of sustained customer satisfaction prior to and following sales, continues its growth in the Turkish market, which it entered in 2007, with the help of, commissioned in 2013.


The fact that decisions in many matters were being made in the Germany headquarters slowed down the process in some cases. So, we have adopted a rifle approach and prioritized actions of high importance so as not to waste the SEO energy of the brand. In addition to the occasional redirect-related problems, duplicate categories and noindex were among the biggest issues. There were several issues with Mobile-First Indexing (MFI) and mobile compatibility as well.


We have taken extensive actions to increase the organic traffic of the MediaMarkt Turkey website ( in the consumer electronics vertical. In all categories in which our website competed, one of our goals was to gain the highest organic traffic. By addressing content-related issues of the website, for which German headquarters was providing software support, we accelerated the SEO improvement process.

We were able to get the desired traffic by crafting plans in advance for each individual sale (Black Friday, etc.). It was among our goals to outperform the competitors in certain queries with FAQ schema integrations, both in terms of rankings and pixel rank. We used the internal link structure efficiently and created the most suitable scenarios for duplicate category/brand pages together with the brand. As for content, we took the necessary actions regarding the pages that we think offered low added value.

We regularly kept track of low-quality links, not only through technical and on-page SEO but also off-page SEO activities. We have created action plans regarding the pages causing cannibalization.

We have achieved great success together with our customer in the Turkish market, where the competition in the consumer electronics market is very fierce.


  • Number of Organic Sessions (YoY): 60+%
  • Number of Organic Users (YoY): 49+%
  • Organic Conversion Rate (YoY): 111+%
  • Number of New Visitors (YoY): 47+%
  • SEO Visibility (YoY): 58+%
  • Number of Google Search Console Clicks: 43+%
  • Number of Top 3-Ranking Keywords: 70%+


* Comparison between data of the periods between 1 January and 31 December 2019 and 1 January and 31 December 2020. The compared Search Console data belong to the first and second half of 2020, respectively. The top 3 keyword data from the period between 1 January 2019 and 31 December 2020.