136% Increase in Clicks and 195% Increase in SEO Visibility!

Established in 2006, TatilVillam operates in two offices in Kaş and Fethiye, with a staff of 20-25. The mission of TatilVillam's is to be a world-renowned Turkish company offering smooth and reliable on-site villa rental services. TatilVillam provides villa rental services and continues to expand its portfolio and service network, and it allows for the renting of villas with a high level of quality.


We found at the beginning of the project that there was thin content in the blog regarding travel guides, activities, and latest news. Apart from technical problems, there were problems related to the crawlability of the website as well. There was a serious downtrend as there was only one page directing users to other pages. In particular, there were critical problems in the category and sub-category hierarchies, as well as the structures with which products were presented to users. 


Technical improvements to be implemented in order to solve the crawlability problem and to introduce the structure of the website to both users and search engine bots were among our top priorities within the scope of the project. Accordingly, improvements were made with a customer-oriented approach to eliminate these issues.

With the client, we decided to prioritize achieving better rankings in the queries of competitive keywords such as villa rental, regional pages, villa types, and rental villa service, and to improve the pages to be presented to users. With the help of the TatilVillam team, which provided dedicated support in implementing software-related suggestions, we focused on improving the rankings of the keywords related to the service TatilVillam provides by eliminating the crawlability issues. Thanks to these improvements, some keyword groups such as rental villa, fethiye rental villa, kalkan villa, antalya rental villa, honeymoon villa, conservative villa, bodrum rental villa and antalya villa rental, which have periodically increase in the search volume were listed in the first 3 rows in organic results as of July 2022. We also made the necessary improvements in the content on the blog related to topics such as travel, activities, and the latest news, in addition to providing guidance on the issue. We combined these structures, which have the same function as each other, in the blog structure in April. On the pages with weak content, which are included in the categories of travel guides and activities, and which we have transferred to the blog structure, we have combined relevant content, updated the content and ensured that they have a qualified structure.


  • 132% Increase in the Number of Organic Sessions
  • 123% Increase in Number of Organic Users
  • 195% Increase in SEO Visibility Score
  • 125% Increase in the Number of New Visitors
  • 136% Increase in Search Console Clicks
  • 153% Improvement in Search Console Average Position 

* Comparison between the data of the period between the start date of the project and today and the period before that.

(19.09.2020 - 16.01.2021 & 01.02.2021 - 15.06.2021)

** Search Console average location data compares with initial data from project start until today and the last 16 months.

(19.03.2021 & 18.07.2022)