298% increase in views on product pages

Ankutsan is one of the leading corrugated cardboard manufacturers in Turkey. With its dynamic structure, sustainable quality understanding, and innovative mission, Ankutsan offers qualified solutions for the box needs of all sectors, while its innovative teams produce the most suitable boxes for the product ranges of its customers with techniques including special printing services. 


The first challenge we had to overcome in the Ankutsan project, which we have been working on together for a year, was to achieve a ranking with our hero products in different countries. Our competitors who have been serving in the international market for a long time were ahead of Ankutsan in terms of ranking. With the right content production and keyword targeting, Ankutsan achieved better rankings both in Turkey and in the international market within 1 year and achieved a 298% increase in views on product pages as of December 2022 compared to the previous year.

With the improvements we realized on our product pages, we started to perform well and started to include technical improvements.

During the period we worked together, the user performance of the English homepage, which was only 11 in the previous period, increased to 1521 as a result of our efforts. Similarly, the session performance of the English homepage, which was 12 in the previous period, increased to 1748. 

Our goal

For Ankutsan, which provides B2B services, our top priority is to be the first brand that is reliable and comes to mind in its sector. By following the current developments on the SEO side, we make improvements for the countries we target for search engines. In this way, we aim to reach our potential users more.


  • Organic Sessions (YoY): 145%
  • Organic Page Impressions on Product Pages (YoY): 298%