Multiplying Organic Traffic with the Right Blog Setup

Aydem Perakende, one of the building blocks of Aydem Energy, Turkey's first integrated energy company with 40 years of experience in the energy sector, started its operations in 2008 as the incumbent supply company of Aydın, Denizli, and Muğla and became Turkey's first privatized electricity retail company. Aydem Perakende started working with Zeo in February 2022 to increase its visibility on the organic side.


In the project, where there were many technical errors, although the errors were solved quickly, an error that was solved with another update published on the site could reappear. The continuous occurrence of errors here also negatively affected the site performance. Aydem Retail site was positioned as the site of 2 different brands for about 1 year. Since the other brand switched to its own site, it experienced a decline in organic traffic.

On the other hand, we also had difficulties with content work. In addition, another subsidiary of the brand had a completely similar site in terms of site setup and design. In this sense, it was important to make the 2 sites unique.

Finally, the English version of the site was launched. At this point, many errors were introduced.

Our Goal

Our goal was to make the Aydem Retail brand more visible in non-brand queries. For this, we opened new service "pages and updated the existing service pages. In addition, we planned the blog setup properly and removed the content set up on that side. We wanted to create a good content hub especially related to electricity and energy. Therefore, we designed our content to be very detailed and user-friendly. While supporting our content with schema structures such as FAQ and BlogPosting, we made the content more quality with features such as table of content and table usage.

At this point, the biggest problem on the blog side was again technical problems. Errors that were corrected could occur again. For example, published blog content would appear in 2-3 different URLs with the English URL path. This was causing the duplicate content problem. After these problems were resolved, we saw a more positive picture.

The electricity sector is actually a sector that is very quickly affected by the agenda and searches volumes increase and decrease instantly. Especially with the news of the wage change in January, search volumes increased considerably in those months.


  • Organic users (YoY): 40%+
  • Search Console clicks increase: 20+
  • Search Console non-brand clicks increase: 302%+
  • Increase in organic keywords on Ahrefs first page: 66.5%+

*Last 3 months in Search Console click data is compared to the last 3 months last year. Ahrefs word count is compared to the same period last year.