93% Increase in Organic Traffic!

Set out in Silicon Valley in 2015 for easy car rental, Yolcu360 is currently the largest online car rental marketplace in Turkey. Yolcu360 enables users to rent a car in under 30 seconds, prioritizing customer satisfaction by offering the best and most affordable car rental service in the market. Yolcu360 aims to ride the rising wave of car rental, to bring together the relevant companies in the sector under a single roof, and to meet individuals' needs for car rental by means of the fastest, most convenient, and most practical solutions. The sine qua non of Yolcu360 is user satisfaction. 


One of the biggest SEO-related issues for our client, which has a react architecture, was the technical problems Google experienced while crawling the pages. From time to time, links or important meta tags of car rental company pages would not be included in Raw HTML, and location pages would display the 404 error code. Such 404 error pages negatively affected sitemaps. There were serious indexing problems arising from the fact that the links on campaign pages were presented with the "on click" element.


Our aim throughout the project was to create an internal link strategy and to increase the performance of the car rental pages by utilizing content efficiently. We reviewed all anchor texts on the website. We achieved a Google-friendly website structure by detecting and solving Javascript crawling issues. We regained control of the indexes by eliminating sitemap-related problems. We also made on-page SEO quick wins to improve the performance of the pages. 


  • Number of Organic Sessions (YoY): 93+%
  • Number of Organic Users (YoY): 110+%
  • Number of New Visitors (YoY): 150+%
  • Number of Top 3-Ranking Keywords: 486%+

* Comparison of 1-year data from the 2019-2020 period (YoY). The top 3 keyword data from the period between 1 January 2019 and 31 December 2020.