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07 Feb 2022

Today, the life of digital marketers cannot be separated from martech tools which help us research and analyse better, create more successful campaigns, manage and monitor omnichannel marketing processes, engage with our audience more effectively and nurture those relationships, reach our KPI’s and much more. 

As Zeo, we are among the most loyal users of our favourite tools and one of the most eager teams to explore new ones. At this point, we would like to provide you with content that covers 2022 trends where digital marketing tools have become the focus.  

In this piece, you will find insights and tips to shape your 2022 strategies from dearest professionals who represent brands - each is one of the best tools you can find in their fields. 

Here are 2022 trends you should follow and 8 digital marketing tools you can explore to reach your goals. 

As you scroll down, you will find promo codes and demo links exclusive to Zeo Blog readers. 

Magdalena Kiczek, Creative & Communications Manager of DataFeedWatch answers:

What is the best practice to implement as a part of our PPC & Ecommerce strategies in 2022?

Definitely going beyond the “standard set” of paid advertising channels. Over the year, we’ve witnessed more and more eCommerce businesses turning to new, oftentimes niche, channels in pursuit of business and revenue growth. 

The big market players like Google, Amazon, or Facebook are being offset by less popular ones, especially affiliate channels and emerging niche channels dedicated to given categories, like Pix.wine (for wine merchants exclusively). Those types of platforms serve to complement and enrich the PPC strategy, rather than to replace the contribution the ‘big players’ bring in.

PPC marketers wanting to grow the success of the brands they work with should consider upgrading their marketing channels strategy to solidify online presence, balance the revenue streams, and scale the business by exposing new audiences to highly-relevant product offerings. 

The privacy-first ecosystem we find ourselves in will only amplify this practice in 2022.

What is DataFeedWatch's main role in helping digital marketers achieve their goals?

Digital marketers find that transforming the product feed data helps them grow the profitability of their PPC campaigns and their online presence.

More often than not the initial data feed they get to work with is lacking or simply not tailored to the goal they want to achieve.

And that’s where DataFeedWatch comes in.

We provide Feed Marketing Solution that helps digital agencies and merchants become more successful on shopping channels, marketplaces, and any other eCommerce platforms they have a presence on or aspire to have a presence on.

By integrating DataFeedWatch into their PPC strategy, marketers can easily:

  • optimise product data at scale
  • manage all paid channel feeds (and clients) from one place,
  •  expand to new eCommerce platforms (2,000+ integrations),
  • drive visibility, revenue, and ROAS

And if you ever find yourself wondering how to optimise towards your goal - just ask - we’re always around to help and share our feed expertise.

How would you describe DataFeedWatch's best features in three words?

Data >> Optimization >> Growth

Lisa Vecchio, Director of Global Campaign Strategy from Hootsuite answers:

What are the best practice/s to implement as a part of our Social Media strategies in 2022?

Hootsuite’s sixth annual Social Trends Report reveals the five major forces set to shape social as we know it in 2022.

●       Brands finally get community right (with the help of creators): Digital communities are only becoming more central to consumers’ lives and identities—and creators are the key to unlocking them.

●       Marketers get creative as consumers wise up to social ads: Consumers are holding brands to higher standards when it comes to creativity in social advertising (and rewarding those that get it right).

●       Social quietly matures out of the marketing department: Business leaders are buffing up employee advocacy programs, mastering social listening to gather consumer insights, and looking to deliver the kind of impact they’ve seen social have on their marketing—organisation-wide.

●       Social becomes the heart of the shopping experience: The era of social commerce is in full swing, and the opportunity is only getting bigger. Competitive small businesses are finding a balance between social storefronts and bricks and mortar, while large brands test the outer limits of the online shopping experience.

●       Social marketers rescue their brands from the customer service apocalypse: Demand for customer service over social has been surging and social media managers now find themselves in an ideal position to play the hero and steer their organisations through the upheaval.

Read more about Hootsuite’s 2022 Social Trends and how to put them into action in your organisation here.

What is Hootsuite's main role in helping digital marketers achieve their goals?

We created Hootsuite to empower organisations to build trust and deepen relationships through the power of social.

Our comprehensive, easy-to-use platform empowers brands and organisations to build enduring relationships with their audiences on social media. From smart social listening and engagement to AI-powered social commerce and social customer care, Hootsuite has the scalable platform, deep expertise, strong industry partnerships, and bold vision to help your organisation deliver world-class digital experiences to your customers at every stage of their journey.

Learn more about how digital marketers have used Hootsuite to achieve their goals here.

How would you describe Hootsuite's best features in three words?

Social Marketing, Commerce, & Care

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Maddison Cox, Brand Marketing Lead from Linktree answers:

What are the best practice/s to implement as a part of Social Media strategies in 2022?

Act like a person rather than a brand on social media. It’s the little things that help do this - it’s replying to a DM as human, surprising and delighting followers or using your platform to give a shoutout to a loyal customer. Show your customers/followers that you care about them as an individual and make sure their voices are heard. 

Another tip is joining the conversation about Web3. The future of social media is going to be heavily influenced by this movement, so find ways to join in this discussion to get your audience familiar with the concept. You’ll find that when you do eventually evolve your brand or product to align with this space - your audience won’t feel so overwhelmed!

What is Linktree's main role in helping digital marketers achieve their goals? 

More than just a link in bio - Linktree makes content more discoverable, transactions more streamlined and helps brands to grow their audience. Linktree’s philosophy is that it should be easy for your customers to find and connect with you - which is baked into the simple design of the platform. Behind the simple design is a suite of tools to help brands level up and curate their digital universe. 

How would you describe Linktree's best features in three words?

Linktree is simple, intuitive and limitless. 

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Mehmet Can Cavas, Content Marketing Manager from MobileAction answers:

What are the best practice/s to implement as a part of our ASO/Digital Marketing strategies in 2022?

We can start by stating that Digital Marketing strategies must always have a holistic approach, and mobile marketing is no exception. You should diversify your marketing campaigns, channels, and budget to extend your reach and grow your business in an efficient yet sustainable way.

A customer-centric approach to mobile marketing is on the rise and the latest developments in the industry indicate that 2022 will be a year of ‘personalised marketing’ in the app stores.  

In the App Store, 3 new functionalities were launched in December 2021 which fundamentally changed the way app marketing will be done in iOS. In addition to native A/B testing capabilities, a new tool called Custom Product Pages was made accessible to app developers. With this feature digital marketers will be able to customise the app listing page they present to users that come from different acquisition channels. By testing 35 different variations, we will be able to understand what kind of messaging works best for different audience segments. The implications of this feature extends beyond mobile marketing. The insights gathered in the App Store can also be used in other media channels such as search engines or social media marketing. 

If you were keeping abreast of the mobile app industry, you must know how iOS 14.5 changed mobile marketing and why Apple Search Ads rose as a top marketing platform. It actually became the fastest-growing mobile ad network in 2021. For these reasons, we suggest that mobile marketers start benefiting from Apple Search Ads as soon as possible since the platform will have a huge place in the future of app marketing.

2022 holds great opportunities for digital marketers, but we believe that these will be the big guns that will skyrocket growth rates in the mobile ecosystem.

What is MobileAction's main role in helping digital marketers achieve their goals? 

We are the only company providing mobile intelligence and a campaign management platform. Mobile marketers are able to conduct research, create campaigns, optimise and monitor results through a single dashboard which is both time and cost effective.

App Store Optimization is, as you know, crucial for organic growth. With our ASO Intelligence tools, mobile app marketers can find better keywords to improve their visibility in app stores, track top creative assets in their category and improve their conversion rates. 

ASO is usually complemented with paid advertising for maximum growth. Here, we provide two solutions to help app marketers: Ad Intelligence and SearchAds.com. 

With Ad Intelligence, users can perfect their creative advertising strategy by analysing the top advertisers, discovering best-performing ad creatives and mobile ad networks in their category.

In SearchAds.com, we provide smart automation rules and market insights allowing them to scale their Apple Search Ads campaigns. In other words, MobileAction is a must-have tool for anyone involved in the mobile user acquisition scene and the app business.

How would you describe Mobile Action's best features in three words?

Innovative, Reliable & Actionable

Rebecca Berbel, Product Marketing Manager of Oncrawl answers:

What are the best practice/s to implement as a part of SEO strategies in 2022?

One of the most effective strategies in 2022 for SEO is a holistic approach to search optimization, regardless of the niche and industry of your website. There's a long list of reasons behind this. To cite just a few, we can look at recent changes in search engine algorithms: an increasing importance given to structured data, the confirmed role of metrics that traditionally fall under technical SEO (like Core Web Vitals), reliance on more "qualitative" metrics such as E-A-T, frequent broad core algorithm updates, and a focus on NLP (natural language processing) algorithms to understand and group queries, extract topics from indexed pages, or even rewrite on-page tags in search results. In other words, successful SEO strategies today rely on a blend of technical SEO, website structure, content breadth and depth, on-page optimization, keyword research and monitoring…

Given the breadth of these topics, scaling (from one URL to many) and unifying SEO tools and platforms (or at a minimum, ensuring automated data bridges between the existing ones) are necessary to implement any holistic strategy efficiently. They are the backbone of success in 2022.

What is Oncrawl's main role in helping digital marketers achieve their goals?

Oncrawl's role is to help digital marketers understand how Google and other search engines see their website.

Here are two examples: Our crawler technology is the most advanced on the market, particularly for websites with infrastructural complexity. Not only does crawling reveal where search engines can run into roadblocks, but crawling is also one of the most effective ways to collect website data at scale. Our log analysis for SEO has always been just a step ahead of the usual market features. Server log monitoring is often overlooked by digital marketers, but is the only definitive, entirely reliable source that tracks the presence of visitors from search engines and of search engine bots on a website. This means you get a full, privileged view of how your website is really performing, without relying on partial or sampled data from an outside source.

But more importantly, as an SEO platform, Oncrawl helps SEOs ensure that their SEO and website data is in one place, where it can then be blended and analysed to reveal correlations between information from different sources, driving new and actionable insights.

How would you describe Oncrawl's best features in three words?

Oncrawl's best features – and, in my opinion, there are many – can all be described by words including: scalable, powerful, and data-driven.

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Begüm Ece Utku, Head of Global Sales of Segmentify answers: 

What are the best practises to implement as a part of our Digital Marketing/eCommerce growth strategies in 2022?

Technology changes fast, and trends change even faster. That means there’s always a new trend at every corner. One month, it’s TikTok taking over social media marketing. Another month, it’s Zuckerberg announcing the metaverse. However, personalisation is the most important aspect of eCommerce, and personalisation should be at the heart of everything that an eCommerce business does.

However, there’s a slight problem with personalisation that we need to discuss. There’s a consensus that personalisation is essential, but it has become one of those buzzwords that people seem to miss the point of. Personalised notifications and emails are not enough anymore. Plugging people’s names into bulk emails worked well in the early years of the Internet and eCommerce, but nobody finds it exciting anymore.

What eCommerce needs is a more in-depth and data driven approach to personalisation, which offers a more unique and personalised shopping experience. Consumer surveys back this up as well. According to a study from BCG, consumers are 40% more likely to spend more when there’s eCommerce personalisation.

What is Segmentify’s main role in helping digital marketers achieve their goals?

Personalisation is what we do best. We know that consumers are impatient and don’t like to go on a scavenger hunt on a website. They also want to feel unique and special. In other words, consumers expect you to understand what they’re looking for or what they like. Well, this is where Segmentify comes in.

Segmentify analyses each visitor’s behaviour to understand their tastes and interests, and later uses this information to develop these preferences further. As a result, Segmentify makes personalised product recommendations that your customers will not be able to resist.

However, there’s more to what Segmentify can do in terms of personalisation. We’ve launched our newest product in 2021, Personalised Searchandising. This product aims to increase conversion rates by creating an enhanced search experience for eCommerce stores. To make this happen, Segmentify has created a search suite that gives you control over your search areas. Personalised Searchandising, thus allows you to personalise your search areas according to your desired business metrics and maximises the efficiency of these search areas by merging merchandising techniques with online search experiences. As a result, shoppers are presented with products that would be most appealing to them, and thus, converted.

How would you describe Segmentify’s best features in three words?

Unique - All of Segmentify’s solutions have one purpose, that is to help eCommerce stores offer unique shopping experiences to each of their customers.

Innovative - Not accepting the traditional “one-size-fits-all” approach to online shopping at Segmentify, we offer innovative solutions to our customers’ problems and requirements.

AI-driven - Segmentify uses AI technology to analyse the data in real-time, thus allowing for quick response to fluctuations and changes in consumer taste and trends. 

İrem Topal, Business Development Manager, and Ezgi Gülmezoğlu, Account Manager, from Similarweb answer:

What are the best practice/s to implement as a part of our Digital Marketing strategies in 2022? 

According to our team and digital marketing professionals’ vision, for 2022 and beyond there are 8 main key drivers of digital strategy: 

·  Business growth

·  Traffic acquisition

·  Digital market share

·  Market expansion

·  Audience reach

·  Consumer behaviour

·  Brand awareness

·  Conversion rate

If we look at them closer and align them to 4C’s framework, this is how it looks like:

  Similarweb can help you to optimise all your 4Cs:

1. Company Research

Analyse your company’s digital performance and benchmark against the industry.

2. Competitive Analysis

Deep dive into any competitor’s digital performance and uncover their digital strategy.

3. Category Analysis

Monitor who is winning and losing market share, market sizing analysis and identify industry leaders.

4. Customers

Grow your audience acquisition, improve retention strategies and increase conversions.

What is Similarweb's main role in helping digital marketers achieve their goals? 

Different teams have different Use Cases. Similarweb is with you all!

Strategy, BI & Analytics Teams: These focused teams can measure the Performance on Competitive Analysis, Benchmark and monitor market share, identify market trends & find M&A opportunities, identify acquisition opportunities and conduct due diligence.

Digital Teams: Planning departments can use it to understand market demand and audience behaviour. Performance teams can optimise Organic and Paid Acquisition (SEO, PPC, Media Buying, Affiliate). Brand & Content-focused teams can identify winning content strategies and distribution channels (Content, PR, Social)

Client Account & Business Development Teams: Business Developers can build effective client pitches, find, qualify and enrich leads data. Client services can understand customers' digital footprint to retain and grow existing clients.

How would you describe Similarweb's best features in three words?

One platform for all Marketing Actions

A single platform that can be used by market and competitor research, SEO, PPC, content marketing, e-commerce teams, App analysts, CRM teams at the same time, providing efficient insight to all of them.

Reliable Data

Based on real behavioural data; Data processing methodology is modelled with machine learning by collecting from different channels.

Quick Insight and Action

User-friendly, insight-driven, easy to filter, different platforms download optioned, API-supported platform that can be easily integrated into the workflow.

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Roxana Motoc, Head of Marketing of SocialBee answers:

What are the best practises to implement as a part of Social Media strategies in 2022?

New year, new opportunity to improve your social media marketing strategy. How exciting!

For 2022, the five essential practises that you need to evaluate, adjust, and enhance their marketing efforts are:

Auditing your social media performance - Analyse your social media strategy to find out what is working and what needs to be left in 2021. Additionally, try to set some new marketing objectives for the new year.
Customising your content and your posting schedule for each social media platform - Post at time intervals with the most user activity, and create content that fits the requirements of each social network.
Diversifying your content topics - Create an interesting mix of educational, promotional, and fun content and experiment with different content formats (carousels, stories, lives, videos).
Focusing on interacting with your audience - Respond to all reviews, comments, and messages and post content that evokes their reaction (questions, polls, surveys, and more).
Monitoring your social media content constantly - Track your top-performing content and use it as an example for your feature posts. Also, look at the posts that are not doing well and try to discover what is not working.

What is SocialBee’s main role in helping digital marketers achieve their goals?

SocialBee was created to help digital marketers reach their full potential on social media. More specifically, to maintain a consistent posting schedule across all social media platforms, without the time-consuming hassle of having to switch from one network to another.

Such a social media management tool allows users to bring the entire content creation process to just one platform:

  • Curating content (Pocket and Quuu integrations)
  • Creating both the text and the visuals for social media posts (Canva integration)
  • Scheduling and posting content directly on social media
  • Improving team collaboration 
  • Monitoring social media performance 

Right now, over 20M+ posts are being shared annually via SocialBee, and they are planning to increase that number and help other digital marketers grow their audiences and generate more leads through the power of social media content.

How would you describe SocialBee’s best features in three words?

Describing SocialBee’s features in just three words, its users would say: 

Practical - All SocialBee's features have a specific purpose that improves the content creation and distribution process. Every functionality is like a piece of a puzzle that makes the platform complete and as effective as possible.
Resourceful - SocialBee can make the most out of your resources. It saves you a significant amount of time and effort by moving all the tools you need to one social media management platform. 
Versatile - This social media management tool is continuously evolving to accommodate the needs of its users. The team is constantly working to improve existing features and adding new ones in order to keep up with the ever-changing social media landscape.

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Saijo George, SEO Director at SuppleDigital & Founder of tldrMarketing answers:

Which digital marketing trend/s will lead strategies in the industry? 

Content powered by AI has been around for a while but with GPT-3 and the democratization of AI for text-based content creators, we will start to see a lot of changes in this area. Since Google is so heavily reliant on text for understanding and ranking content we will start to see some interesting changes here as well. 

Augmented Reality is also picking up steam, almost all the big players have their skin in the game and I expect to see a lot of updates in this area. 

What are the best practice/s to implement as a part of our SEO strategies in 2022?

Content Velocity Matters. Have a plan to consistently put out great content and make sure it's getting indexed and ranked by Google. If you keep pushing out content covering the various aspect of a topic the more Google will consider you an authority. That said if Google does not keep indexing your new content, you should spend time to make sure the quality of the content is improved before pushing out more content. 

What are your favourite digital marketing tools you use for your audits or analyses and what makes them stand out? 

-Screaming Frog or Sitebulb for audits. 

-Chrome Dev Tools for audits. 

-Ahrefs or Semrush - for link, keyword data, etc.

You can see the full list of tools in the list of SEO tools I maintain


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