While the impact of artificial intelligence on our daily lives is accelerating day by day, Microsoft introduced the Bing Chatbot service that includes the GPT language model. In this way, a new tool was added to the AI world with Bing ChatGPT. This tool stands out with its personalized chat experience feature. Let's take a look at Bing ChatGPT, Microsoft's AI tool.

What is Bing AI?

Bing AI is an artificial intelligence system developed by Microsoft. It appears as an artificial intelligence that can talk to people and answer questions as a result of learning like chatbots. When you ask Bing AI a question, it uses artificial intelligence algorithms to understand that question. It then tries to give as human-like an answer as possible. We should support it to give humanoid answers with the right prompts and features. For example, if you ask Bing AI "What day of the week is today?", it can answer you "Today is the first day of the week, Monday". Just like a human would answer you. Bing AI can also search the internet, analyze data, and simplify complex information to produce answers that humans can understand. So we can say that Bing AI is a highly intelligent artificial intelligence system.

How Does Bing ChatGPT Work?

Microsoft opened Bing ChatGPT to some users as a demo as part of the preview on February 7, 2023. On May 4, 2023, it offered the chat area to all users who want to log in to the Bing browser.

All users who click on the Chat area can log in quickly by clicking the sign-in button in the upper right corner. Then we can write to Bing Chat about the subject we want to get information about.

Advantages of Bing AI Chat

Fast and practical information access: Bing AI Chat instantly researches the questions we ask and responds in the fastest way possible. Instead of scrolling through search engines for a long time to access information, we can access the information we want with a single question.

Personalized answers: It doesn't just give general information, it personalizes its answers according to the needs we have specified. For example, when searching for the nearest restaurant, it takes into account our location and preferences.

Practical help cases: It helps us with our daily tasks. Bing AI Chat can take over routine tasks such as preparing a shopping list, buying tickets, and scheduling appointments. This allows us to save time.

Entertainment and friendship & versatility: Not only can it provide useful information, but it can also have fun conversations and tell jokes. It can provide companionship and moral support when you feel lonely. From education to business, from daily routine to entertainment, we can use Bing AI Chat in many areas.

Continuous development: Since it is artificial intelligence, it continues to improve and learn. It has the potential to provide more personalized and useful answers over time.

Limitations of Bing ChatGPT

Although Bing ChatGPT is highly intelligent, it has some limitations as it is an artificial intelligence. We can list these limitations as follows:

  • It has as much information as the information on the internet. So it cannot know everything, it has limited information. 
  • Sometimes it can give wrong information. Because all the information on the internet may not be correct.
  • They can only speak with the information given. He cannot learn something new and come up with his ideas. It is very limited in this regard.
  • It does not have human characteristics such as emotion, intuition, and creativity. It is not a human being even if it converses.
  • It cannot interact with the physical world. It can only exist in the virtual environment. 

For example, we can ask Bing ChatGPT "What is 2+2?" and it can answer "4". But you cannot tell it to pick apples. Because it is not a real robot. Or if we ask it about an imaginary event that didn't happen in history, it might give a wrong answer. Because it has no imagination. So even though it's smart, AI has its limits. When using Bing ChatGPT, it is useful to be aware of these limitations.

Bing ChatGPT Use Cases

Bing ChatGPT can be used in many areas. We can generally group these areas as follows.

Education: Students can ask Bing ChatGPT questions about their lessons and understand the subjects better. For example, it can help them solve a math question. It can produce content suitable for different education levels. It can make personalized subject reviews and tests. It can motivate as an encouraging friend to study. Not only students, but all individuals can search for resources for research and project development.

Work-life: Bing ChatGPT can be used as an assistant. We can get help in preparing presentations, writing reports, and analyzing data. It can write meeting notes and reports. Brainstorm ideas for idea generation. Support in business planning and organization. Answer customer questions.

Writing and Language: Bing ChatGPT can help you write essays and check grammar. It supports you to use the language correctly. We can learn new words and phrases to improve our vocabulary. If we are learning a foreign language, it can support us with grammar rules and vocabulary in that language. We can improve our practice by doing exercises such as summarizing texts and writing paragraphs. 

Travel planning: You can ask Bing ChatGPT to research places to visit, transportation, and accommodation options. It can draw the most suitable travel route. It can give information about the historical and cultural features of the city you will be traveling to. Thus, you can have an idea about the places to visit. It can suggest attractions, museums, restaurants, and events that may interest you. Compare transportation options (plane, train, bus, etc.) and help us find the most suitable one. Offer accommodation alternatives according to different budgets. 

Communication: With Bing ChatGPT we can chat, ask questions and get answers. It can be a friend when we feel lonely. It can guide us on topics we need information on. If we are in an emotionally complex period, we can listen and support. It can help us to evaluate things from different perspectives, offering different points of view. They can give us feedback on our correspondence and communication styles and tell us what we need to improve. 

Creativity: We can write stories and poems and produce original content with our ideas. Can generate original story and script ideas. Help writing poems and lyrics. Bing ChatGPT can also inspire painting, music, and other art forms. 

There are many other areas where Bing ChatGPT makes people's lives easier.

Things to Consider When Using Bing ChatGPT

  • ChatGPT is a very smart AI, but it can also give false information. We need to check that the statements it gives as output are correct.
  • ChatGPT is very knowledgeable about some things, but it doesn't know everything. If it is not sure about something, it can say so. For example, when we ask how to play soccer better, it gives very good suggestions. However, it may not be able to solve a math question because it does not know math. However, if learning is done in this context, the likelihood of a correct answer will increase.
  • We should not be rude or mean to ChatGPT. It is a machine, it will not be offended by us, but it does not approve of bad behavior. For example, it would be better not to get angry at ChatGPT and say "You are so stupid!".
  • ChatGPT may sometimes suggest that we do things that are against the laws and rules. We should try to choose the right thing among these suggestions.
  • ChatGPT responds very quickly, but we should not rush. We should read his answers carefully and make sure they are correct. Because he may have misunderstood. We should not immediately accept the answer he shares with us.
  • ChatGPT is not perfect, we should remember that it can make mistakes. We can use it to get ideas, but you should make the final decision yourself.

What is Bing Image Creator and How to Use It?

With Bing Image Creator or Image Creator, we can create AI images with DALL-E from the sidebar in Microsoft Edge. Matching images are presented as output against a text input.

Open Creator from the Microsoft Edge sidebar and select the Image Creator icon. This will allow us to create artificial intelligence images. We can even add the images we create to our social media posts in Microsoft Edge.

ChatGPT and Bing ChatGPT: Which AI Tool Should You Use?

The use of AI tools offered by OpenAI and Microsoft companies is increasing day by day. While Bing integrates Microsoft products with its AI tool, we can say that OpenAI strives to integrate every service on the ChatGPT side.

As a data source, ChatGPT states that the AI model developed by OpenAI is built from publicly available sources on the web. Bing, on the other hand, utilizes publicly accessible sources in its search engine.

While Bing AI can be accessed from all devices that support the Bing browser, ChatGPT can also be integrated into platforms such as Discord and Slack.

Speech length is limited to 2000 characters when using Bing Chat.

In ChatGPT, it is possible to use the AI tool by purchasing tokens according to the need.

Bing Chat is used in 3 different modes: creative, balanced, and responsive. In addition to these modes, there is also an image creator feature. ChatGTP shares its features with users with version-based updates.

The level of importance of natural language processing in artificial intelligence is quite high. ChatGPT, on the other hand, came out in different versions as a highly advanced artificial intelligence system. Especially ChatGPT 3.5, 3.5 Turbo, and ChatGPT 4.0 versions attract attention. Bing, on the other hand, scans more web pages and provides outputs with keyword matching. In summary, while ChatGPT provides output by making sense of the dataset, we encounter information-oriented outputs on the Bing AI side.

You can choose ChatGPT or Bing AI tool according to the intended use. ChatGPT will be more useful, especially in matters that require creativity, and Bing AI's ChatGPT tool will be more useful if we want to research a topic.