ChatGPT, the dialog-based artificial intelligence language developed by OpenAI, which is rapidly included in our lives with its high potential, continues to create an opportunity or threat dilemma. The fact that there is a versatile machine learning model from writing content to providing software support and that this learning model is offered free of charge raises question marks in the minds of all employees who offer their labor in the relevant sectors. If used correctly, ChatGPT offers a database that is ready to facilitate your work and serve you rather than a threat. No matter what field you are working in, you can quickly maximize your work efficiency by integrating it into your activities. How? You can start by applying the tips we offer in our article.

1- Educate ChatGPT on your questions

ChatGPT needs detailed prompts to create original content with a specific point of view. Ready to have a completely clean conversation in every new Chat area, ChatGPT is inclined to respond to your questions and prompts. Short commands and the flow of chat about what kind of answers you are looking for will increase your efficiency by more clearly framing the subject you want to learn on the ChatGPT side.

For example, for blog content planned to be published on a website, a Meta Description tag needs to be written to introduce the content. In order to get the answer at the end of the conversation more clearly and in the desired way, the conversation starts with teaching ChatGPT the subject.

ChatGPT takes the conversation one step further to teach the tricks to make sense of the topic.

When the point of querying the desired data is approached, ChatGPT is actually taught the desired subject. When the final question is asked, it will be ready to give the most efficient answers in line with the information it has learned.

As seen in the example, we obtained an efficient response in a very short time by training ChatGPT on the subject expected to get results with short commands and questions. 

If the answer is not liked, it is possible to obtain various answers that meet the same conditions by clicking the "Regenerate Response" button that appears in the image. In the area shown in red, you can see that this answer was given with the third attempt, and the answer was changed twice until a suitable answer was obtained.

2- Make Sure You Give Clear and Accurate Commands

Because ChatGPT has a large database, you must have specific and accurate instructions to get the satisfactory answer you are looking for. If a generic command is given when requesting content, the result may be an inefficient and generic answer. In other words, you will get a non-specific output that may be the answer to other commands of similar generality. 

Here is a simple example of ChatGPT's answers to two different questions, one detailed and one not.

As seen in the example, if you are creating SEO-compatible blog content and want to get information from ChatGPT about the H1-tagged title that should be included in the content, you could have acted incorrectly with the guidance of the output received after a general command like in the first image. However, when you enter a specific command about the problem, you can get the answer that can be considered correct for you and you can finalize your work correctly.

3- Lead the Way

Another way to get a satisfactory response from ChatGPT is to lead ChatGPT. This is especially useful if you are requesting a list item and want to ensure that the list item does not contain other results and that the output is appropriate for the command. Creating a command by providing ChatGPT with 1-2 items as an example will guide ChatGPT on what it should specifically list.

For example, let's say the command is to list all Apple products released from past to present in chronological order with their models. Assuming that the command is given without adding an example to lead ChatGPT, and even assuming that this command is given without detailed instructions as mentioned in the previous tips, our output will be as follows.

However, when we present our question to ChatGPT by elaborating and giving an example, we get an answer closer to the desired result as below. The importance of asking the question with a specific command was also tested here.

Another noteworthy point here is that while the item presented to ChatGPT as an example was the Iphone 6S, ChatGPT only listed Apple products released in 2020. When Iphone 14 Pro Max, one of today's newest Iphone models, was presented as an example, ChatGPT could not provide data as seen below. The main reason for this is that ChatGPT does not host any data after 2021. If you intend to create content with fresh data, ChatGPT is not useful in this regard.

4- Ask your questions in English

We would like to point out that ChatGPT inherently provides the most advanced data in English, while other language structures (such as Turkish, German, French, or Spanish) are still being developed and may be insufficient in some cases. Therefore, if you cannot get an answer to your question but you need to get an answer, you can ask your questions to ChatGPT in English, either by using your knowledge of English or with the help of translation applications, and you can get a result that will be useful to you. 

Let's continue with the Apple products example we gave in the previous article. In the scenario where we say that the pre-2021 data in ChatGPT's database will also work, let's imagine that we start another chat and ask the same question in English. In this way, we are likely to get a more satisfactory output.

As can be seen in the image, when the same question was posed to ChatGPT in English using an older Iphone model as an example, it listed the data up to 2021 as requested.

5- Provide Perspective

Another way for ChatGPT to provide useful data is to give ChatGPT a point of view and answer the request from that point of view. 

For example, let's imagine that you, as an SEO expert, command ChatGPT to consult and get answers from your point of view.

The SEO expert role you will give to ChatGPT and the problem encountered can enable ChatGPT to respond from this perspective and give more accurate answers. Rather than just asking ChatGPT for a content strategy, the answer you will receive with this kind of guidance can lead you to a solution more easily.

Although ChatGPT's entry into our lives is perceived as a threat in some sectors, you can use this free service to your advantage and save it from being a threat. This deep learning-based artificial intelligence language, which continues to develop day by day, will continue to make our lives and the way we do business much more efficient. You can start using ChatGPT from this link and include yourself in the world of OpenAI.

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