In 2023, there were many developments in the digital world. The most important of these is that artificial intelligence has become an integral part of daily life and the business world. As Zeo, we have combined our knowledge and experience in our new service Generative AI (Artificial Intelligence) consultancy service. However, we started our Artificial Intelligence blog series to provide our readers with richer content and follow important developments. You can access our blog page, where topics such as the use of artificial intelligence in sectors and the examination of artificial intelligence tools are discussed comprehensively, here

In 2023, when digital transformation accelerated, Wope, which offers a wide range of measurement services, was launched at Product Hunt. At the same time, the new design of the platform was launched this year! The focus of the new design was on an improved interface, user experience, and performance improvements. You can visit the website to benefit from Wope's unique experience!

As we continue to take steps to strengthen our presence in the digital world, we launched our physical event "Sector Meetings" series. At the event, experts from the sector touched on many topics such as the use of artificial intelligence in the sector, the current state of e-commerce, and the sector's future. Again in 2023, we organized our first Artificial Intelligence event "Digitalzone Exclusive: Generative AI" event, which was our first Artificial Intelligence event in 2023. At the event, expert and experienced speakers in artificial intelligence discussed artificial intelligence in detail in different scopes. 

While our Digitalzone Meetups series, which started to take place on online platforms with the pandemic, continued at full speed in 2023, we held Digitalzone'23 on November 21 with our experienced speakers! Another innovation in 2023 was to expand our sector reports to the MENA region. This year, we published approximately 90 sector reports focusing on 16 different sectors in Turkey and MENA.

At the end of a year full of exciting developments, we have compiled our most-read blog posts that our readers showed the most interest in. Let's take a look at the most-read blog posts published in 2023!

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1. How to send User ID to Google Analytics 4?

In this blog post, where we talk about how to integrate user IDs into GA4 to improve audience segmentation and remarketing efforts, we take readers through the steps of creating user IDs for each visitor through backend systems and Google Tag Manager. For a more comprehensive analysis, Google Analytics Client IDs and CRM data should be used together. You can check our comprehensive blog post to learn how to send user IDs to Google Analytics 4 by incorporating them into your analytics strategies!

2. What Are WebP and WebM and How to Use Them?

In this blog post, we explore WebP and WebM, the image and video formats supported by Google, and how they improve web performance. WebP provides a smaller image file size with minimal loss of quality, while WebM provides optimization for compression and low processing requirements for videos. With these formats, it is possible to load the page faster and improve the user experience. For detailed information about WebP and WebM and to discover their contributions to SEO, you can check our blog post here!

3. How to Simplify Your Work Using Chat GPT?

Yağmur Bayram, who works as an SEO Analyst at Zeo, offers you opportunities on how you can make your work easier with ChatGPT. The correct and effective use of ChatGPT includes five steps. These are; training ChatGPT, giving clear commands, leading the way, posing questions in English, and finally giving perspective. With these steps, you can make the most of ChatGPT and increase your work efficiency. In Yağmur Bayram's blog post, you can discover the advantages of ChatGPT and learn how you can make your work easier in areas such as SEO. Click the link for detailed information now!

4. Humanize AI Text: How to Make AI Content Personal

Onur Özcan, Content Strategist at Zeo, discusses the humanization of content created by artificial intelligence in detail. Although creating content with artificial intelligence provides advantages in terms of speed and efficiency, adding human elements is important for content. Onur Özcan shares tips for choosing the right tools, enriching content with visuals, and SEO optimization. For in-depth information on humanizing content created with artificial intelligence and attracting the attention of your target audience by making it more engaging, check out the blog in detail here!

5. How to Track Mouse Hover on Google Analytics 4 with GTM?

Zafer Yıldız, Web Analytics Manager at Zeo, shows you how to track hover actions on website elements using Google Tag Manager (GTM) to see user interaction data in GA4. Using the hover action on an "Add to Cart" button on an e-commerce site as an example, the process involves inspecting the button to get its class or ID, generating an HTML tag with JavaScript code triggered after the hover time in GTM, and submitting it to GA4. To learn the steps to collect hover interaction data across a website, check out Zafer Yildiz's comprehensive blog now!

In 2023, we have compiled our most-read and popular blog posts for you. Last year was a year of many innovations, experiences, and knowledge sharing. Stay tuned to our blog to discover more together! We wish you all a healthy, successful, and happy new year! 🌲